Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Kelsey: 30 before 30

I started working on my 30 things to do by 30 list a few months ago. I posted somewhere about the best things I did before 25. So fun. THis list is not finished. It obviously needs to be edited down, little long. Also I am sure I will find things to add. I guess the point of this 30 by 30 thing might be lost on me. But still I think it is a good way to not put things off. I don't want to have a bucket list that I say I will do "someday", I like the idea of living these things now. But then its strange because the biggest things aren't on this list. Like getting married and having kids and all that because as Becky pointed out its not as if you can forget to do those things... But then adoption is on the list because its not something I want to put off. Well here it is:

- VIsit all 50 states

- Fly in a helicopter

- Swim with shark or dolphin in the wild

- Buy an expensive DSLR

- Learn to use fancy camera (sarah teach me)

- Drink champagne in France 

- Eat pizza in Itlay

- See a whale

- At  least begin the adoption process if not complete it.

- Take a continuing education class at a local college (preferably one about cooking)

- Ride in a hot air balloon

- Become a certified wine sommelier

- See my favorite author read live. David Sedaris. 

- Do something so adventurous that I have to drink out of a backpack

- Go geocaching

- Get a masters in non prof management

- Go on an Awesome road trip

- Protest something

- Floss everyday


- See mt rushmore

- See grand canyon

- Find a really great small group

- Volunteer in a food pantry regularly

- Grow a better garden

- Get a job working with refugees

- Buy a boat

- Swim in the Nile

- Audition or try out for something

- Be in India during Holi!!!

- Perfect the red velvet cupcake

- Visit Havasu Falls

- Start a box for my future biographer

- Build an awesome rube golderg machine

- Solve a mystery

- Learn how to pick locks. 

- Invest $500 in a risky stock

I really like it that the last two rhyme. Some things might have to be cut. Like now that I look at it I think hmm maybe I don't need to become a certified wine sommelier. I swear I have no recollection of putting "buy a boat" on there. But now that I see it I mean maybe its something to consider. Things I have done since I started the list are in blue. 

Whats on your list? What should I add?

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Kelsey: Stellar week

I am sitting in my kitchen and reflecting on what a fun week this has been. I am in my paint clothes probably getting smudges of paint on my mothers kitchen chairs. But its fine because she stole them from me.

Denis and I are redoing the family room. It takes my mother about a year to decide on paint colors. I came  home and sped the process a bit. So it was only about 7 or 8 months in total. The butt ugly brown shag carpet from the 1970s is being replaced, sadly. But fun for us because we are messy painters. And we are too lazy for drop cloths. What a horrible combination! Don't worry we are obviously planning on starting a very successful husband wife painting business.

This week I convinced a 3 year old that he should not stick his hand down the vents on the floor because a dinosaur will bite it off. I thought he would giggle and tell me I was being silly. But instead he looked at me with big eyes and asked, "really?" Should I lie to a 3 year old? This flashed through my mind before I answered, yes absolutely a very hungry dinosaur lives under the floor. Every day since then we have looked into the vent to check on the dinosaur but we make sure to never stick our fingers down there.

Proof that you should always lie to your children.

Tomorrow I get to end this splendid week by seeing my best friends, Becky and Robyn, who are both in town for other reasons but we can pretend they are here solely to see me. I lie to myself as well. I also hope to get out of painting tomorrow and curl up with some blogs. Here is what I am reading:

truth finds grace

- My friend Joanna write this blog. Joanna is practical and funny and inspirational. Basically the person who I would go to for advice on literally any subject. So its very handy for me that she is writing it all down in a portable searchable format. She is basically writing this just for me.

The Rileys in Uganda

- The Rileys are a family living in Uganda working on adoption in an incredibly important way. They are asking the hard questions like should kids be adopted? What impact does international adoption have? How to encourage adoption within the native country. How to adopt internationally responsibly. Adoption can be a miracle or it can literally be stealing a child from an economically challenged family. I think this is probably the most important blog I read. I heard someone say that if you don't believe in abortion then by default you have to believe in adoption, you need to be ready to adopt some babies. I have always viewed adoption as an extra. Something cool and extra that some people choose to do. What a challenge to think of it as something we are called to and have to do. This blog stirs lots of conversation in my house.

Stef's blog

- Today I got to see my awesome friend Stef. She is one of my favorite people in the world. Her blog is incredibly entertaining. My favorite blog post of hers is from years ago when she had a dream that she was at her dead grandma's funeral and grandma jumped out of the casket. Like surprise! I came back to see you! It was not a morbid or creepy thing not was super joyful. Like last night I had an awesome dream that grandma jumped out of the casket! Awesome. I feel like reading this blog is a rare chance to get into the mind of a person who sees the world very differently from the average American.

Stef and Kels. BFF.

What are you reading? I always need more blogs.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Kelsey: Long awaited

So many good things happening lately. We have not left America as we had planned. We are staying for the foreseeable future! Yay! Well I want to feel very "yay" about this but its actually taking me a while to get on board. I miss my family in Africa and basically all things Africa; the sun, the slow walking, and always having dirty feet, being stared at and called mzungu. I guess maybe I am suffering from "the grass is always greener" syndrome. But I mean the grass is literally greener over there. 

Many things have been keeping us busy in America. Colorado to South Dakota to Michigan to Hawaii and finally home for Little family Christmas which was celebrated in January. 

Speaking of Christmas this is the one thing I wanted for christmas that I didn't get. Come on mom and dad, where are my giant wicker spoon and fork?

Denis is pretty busy volunteering refurbishing computers at church (mad skillz) and doing an internship at World Relief! I might be jealous. But in a very supportive fiancé kind of way to be jealous. Thats allowed.

He wants you to know.... he is black.

I am working for a family literally around the corner from my house, which has basically been amazing. Plus it finally gives me a reason for reading all those mommy blogs...

Here are some pics from our adventures lately.

Hot chocolate on top of a mountain in Colorado with Sar. Literally nothing could be better than hanging out on top of mountains with my sister and future husband.

I just have to document good hair days. So rare. 80s disaster hair is more the norm. Sarah maybe our hair should have its own blog...

Shopping with Becky in Michigan and stumbled upon this gem. Tarantula socks.

He fits right in here in South Dakota. Future Pres. Wait that is so not allowed.

Becky's kitchen! Which she owns. Because she bought it. With her husband. They are adults. This is totally normal to me.

Plus she cooks!

We like it at Becky and Sams!

I belong in the jungle. I swear. Being in Hawaii was beyond strange. I can't remember the last time I have been to an island which was not impoverished. Hawaii has costco! And road signs. And Woody Harrelson.

I mean come on. Its time to move there right now.

I live in Birkenstocks. I think I may even take the leap and buy a winter pair so I never have to wear anything but Birkenstocks.

Found this restaurant on yelp, very highly rated. Its a tent. With maybe the best food I have ever had ever.

Love it.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sarah: Not the Same Thing

So lately (as in yesterday) I've been thinking about cutting my hair short. Not like pixie short, but bob short. I'm tired of growing my hair out and I want to change things up. So I typed into google, "trendy hairstyles for curly hair". And this is what I got:

What. the. heck. I thought I asked for curly hairstyles, not perfectly manipulated hairstyles that are created to make people believe that Gwyneth freaking Paltrow just got back from the beach and just so happens to have flawless waves... That's not curly hair. It is not the same thing.

Curly haired ladies, how many times have you lusted after a hairstyle but thought, "Oh I can't pull that off with my curly hair." How many times have you looked at a hair tutorial only to find the afterthought, "This works for curly hair also." When it comes to hair, we are second class citizens.

Why is there no real hair advice for us curly headed ladies? We want to get in on all the latest, coolest, and trendiest hairstyles, but we can't! We don't know how. And when we reach out for help, this is the kind of thing we get: fake curls that insult the very essence of of curliness.

I have imperfect curls, individual ringlets - each one having a mind of its own, not straight-made-to-look-curly hair. And they need guidance, nurturing, and love.

So here's the point of this rant: I'm calling on you, major hairstylists of the world, help us truly curly-haired ladies. Give us real advice and guidance about our hair and stop - just stop - trying to pass off the curling-iron-curls as curly hair. It's insulting.


Monday, January 23, 2012

Sarah: Things I Like Lately

Sarah: Tiff, Dave, & Luisa Came to Visit - Part III

This is it. The last of the post about my sister's visit. I can't believe two weeks ago today, I was heading to LAX to pick them up...it feels like yesterday.

I miss them tons. I miss smelling like baby. I miss running to the grocery store every 10 minutes because we were out of something. I miss spending time with Tiff & Dave. I miss getting peed on. I miss baby Lu's giggles.

Frank & I are going to have to plan a trip to Ohio asap.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sarah: Tiff, Dave, & Luisa Came to Visit - Part II (Zoo Day)

Feeding in the jungle
The polar bears were SO playful!

Eating solids is messy & takes a group effort
"Why use a spoon when I can use my fingers?"

Not sure what to think about the elephants

This was the day we spent at the zoo! It was such a fun-filled day & it was like the stars aligned, the way all the animals were so playful & present!

The lion was definitely my favorite, but that panda was a close second. My sister was so excited it was that close because pandas are her favorite. 

p.s. The video does not do the lion's growl justice. It was SO loud. It rumbled through my chest!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sarah: Tiff, Dave, & Luisa Came to Visit - Part I

Just try to comprehend the cuteness
Look at those cheeks
Right before she peed all over (seriously. all over).
The infamous California burrito-which we
practically lived on all week.
Can you see the french fries??
"Skippyjon Jones was one naughty kitty boy." Does anyone
else know that kids' book? It's awesome.
Baby Lu just chillin' on the quilt I made her for Christmas.

Here is Part I of my family's visit to San Diego. I just got home from taking them to the airport. They stayed with Frank & I for 8 glorious days. I loved having them here so much.

I might have cried as I drove away from the airport....more fun photos to come this week!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Sarah: I Might be Biased....

....But I think Luisa Lu is quite possibly the cutest baby in the world. I mean, check out the proof & you will whole heartedly agree:

For the past week I've been soaking up every single minute with this little girl that I possibly can. I can't believe she & her parents are heading back to Ohio tomorrow!! Their visit was way to short....

Don't you guys want to move here to San Diego? Please?

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Kelsey: Dance party

So I also took a little blogging break to hang out with real life in person people. But I am over that. Back to you wonderful online people! Plus I am missing Sarah more than ever! Just come home with your sister!

I was going through Africa photos and I found this little gem.

Sometimes when Deno would go to watch soccer late at night... we would have to dance.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Sarah: LA

Friends, I'm heading to LA today to pick up my sister & her family!! We're going to spend the day there, then head back to San Diego tonight. And they're going to be with us for eight whole days! Eight!

I'm in heaven : )

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Sarah: Looking Forward

I've never really made New Year's resolutions before mostly out of laziness & the fear of disappointing myself if I failed to reach my goals. But I like the idea of resolutions. Reflecting on our lives, deciding what needs changed & tweaked,  & deciding what the best course of action will be to make those things happen.

So this is the first year that I am making goals for the new year. And as you can see from my list, most of my goals are character building not necessarily "things to do". Without further ado, here are the things I want to accomplish this year:

-Begin to live my life fearlessly

-Stop comparing myself to others
(I read the following quote somewhere & it has stuck with me, because it's undeniably true, "Comparison is the thief of joy.")

-Work hard for the things I want

-Develop a true sense of style

-Rise above the little things

-Cook more

Not a very long list & it might not seem very special. But these are all things that I really struggle with & want to change. I am ready for the new year!