Contact Kelsey in Africa

Hello ladies and gentleman. Being away from people I love in America is a major bummer. I don't want to lose touch with anyone so here is every way I can think of to contact me. If you feel like calling me, and I hope you do, this is my number


The cheapest way to do it is using a phone card from NobelCom. Or text me. Just once in a while to say hi. But check with your provider. Or if calling is too expensive you can add me on skype.

Skype username = luvbugkgl

Or if you feel like mailing letters or care packages this is my address. It is Denis' box so his name has to be on it. But you can put mine under it or in parenthesis or something.

Denis Otim
P.O. box 1563
Jinja, Uganda

In my experience letters do not make it here but packages always do. So if you feel like sending a letter stick it in a padded envelope and it is almost sure to make it. If you feel like sticking something else in that envelope I do have a wish list, check the bottom of the page. Packages take about one month to get here and padded envelopes take about two weeks. The postal system very much impresses me. You can put something in a box on one side of the world and I get that very thing in a box on the other side of the world. AMAZING. When you send something they will make you fill out a customs form. Do not write anything interesting on the form. Never write electronics. I usually just write school supplies or clothes or something dull.

Wish List:

- Hand sanitizer (The hospital where I volunteer is almost always out of soap and sometimes water)
- Anything chocolate
- Pictures of you!
- American food. I eat rice and beans twice a day, every day. Send me food!
- Your old magazines. Fun ones not news ones.
- Candles!
- Parmesan cheese
- Medical gloves, latex or non latex, the hospital is always short on these
- Decent pens
- Zip lock bags of all sizes, also those disposable Tupperware things.
- Anything solar powered. I have sun, lots of it.
- Any American food. Seriously. Suggestions: Velveeta cheese, hummus, tortillas corn and flour, soup mixes, dried fruit, anything from trader joes, powdered cheese, real maple syrup, caramel dip, anything I can cook on a stove, granola bars, nutrigrain bars, cheetos or anything cheese flavored!)
- Stolen condiments! As in anything that they put out for free in individual size packages at restaurants. Such as: ketchup, mustard, hot sauce, jam, peanut butter, honey, honey mustard, ranch dressing, relish, mayo, bbq sauce, sweet and sour sauce, chutney. The weirder the better.