Saturday, January 14, 2012

Kelsey: Dance party

So I also took a little blogging break to hang out with real life in person people. But I am over that. Back to you wonderful online people! Plus I am missing Sarah more than ever! Just come home with your sister!

I was going through Africa photos and I found this little gem.

Sometimes when Deno would go to watch soccer late at night... we would have to dance.


  1. FaceTime please?! I need to test it out!!

    Also, deno is a good dancer. I can't wait for your wedding : )

  2. 1) This song + this most excellent dancing filled me with glee. I'm glad to see that moves similar to mine are commonly enjoyed the world over.
    2) I was sad that you were not part of the dance party, but then I saw your hand dancing, so all was well.
    3) Is that a bunch of underwear hanging on the hooks on the wall?