Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sarah: Not the Same Thing

So lately (as in yesterday) I've been thinking about cutting my hair short. Not like pixie short, but bob short. I'm tired of growing my hair out and I want to change things up. So I typed into google, "trendy hairstyles for curly hair". And this is what I got:

What. the. heck. I thought I asked for curly hairstyles, not perfectly manipulated hairstyles that are created to make people believe that Gwyneth freaking Paltrow just got back from the beach and just so happens to have flawless waves... That's not curly hair. It is not the same thing.

Curly haired ladies, how many times have you lusted after a hairstyle but thought, "Oh I can't pull that off with my curly hair." How many times have you looked at a hair tutorial only to find the afterthought, "This works for curly hair also." When it comes to hair, we are second class citizens.

Why is there no real hair advice for us curly headed ladies? We want to get in on all the latest, coolest, and trendiest hairstyles, but we can't! We don't know how. And when we reach out for help, this is the kind of thing we get: fake curls that insult the very essence of of curliness.

I have imperfect curls, individual ringlets - each one having a mind of its own, not straight-made-to-look-curly hair. And they need guidance, nurturing, and love.

So here's the point of this rant: I'm calling on you, major hairstylists of the world, help us truly curly-haired ladies. Give us real advice and guidance about our hair and stop - just stop - trying to pass off the curling-iron-curls as curly hair. It's insulting.



  1. Heh. Rant on ;)

    I've given up on mine, it sure does have a mind of its own.

  2. Hahaha ;) yes, I understand your pain (not personally w/ my own hair of course- but with yours and Kelsey's, and many more of my REAL naturally curly clients! I'll post a few websites for ya. brb!


    2. I was going to suggest as well.
      My big thing is being so nervous to get it cut by someone new because it takes a certain amount of skill to deal with this mane.

    3. Thanks for the links (Tracey??)!!!

  3. Cate, I know the feeling! I had such a kick ass stylist in the Elgin area and now that I'm in California, I'm petrified to go out and find a new one...

  4. I just ran across this salon, alas in Denver, that only does curly hair!!!