Friday, January 27, 2012

Kelsey: Long awaited

So many good things happening lately. We have not left America as we had planned. We are staying for the foreseeable future! Yay! Well I want to feel very "yay" about this but its actually taking me a while to get on board. I miss my family in Africa and basically all things Africa; the sun, the slow walking, and always having dirty feet, being stared at and called mzungu. I guess maybe I am suffering from "the grass is always greener" syndrome. But I mean the grass is literally greener over there. 

Many things have been keeping us busy in America. Colorado to South Dakota to Michigan to Hawaii and finally home for Little family Christmas which was celebrated in January. 

Speaking of Christmas this is the one thing I wanted for christmas that I didn't get. Come on mom and dad, where are my giant wicker spoon and fork?

Denis is pretty busy volunteering refurbishing computers at church (mad skillz) and doing an internship at World Relief! I might be jealous. But in a very supportive fiancé kind of way to be jealous. Thats allowed.

He wants you to know.... he is black.

I am working for a family literally around the corner from my house, which has basically been amazing. Plus it finally gives me a reason for reading all those mommy blogs...

Here are some pics from our adventures lately.

Hot chocolate on top of a mountain in Colorado with Sar. Literally nothing could be better than hanging out on top of mountains with my sister and future husband.

I just have to document good hair days. So rare. 80s disaster hair is more the norm. Sarah maybe our hair should have its own blog...

Shopping with Becky in Michigan and stumbled upon this gem. Tarantula socks.

He fits right in here in South Dakota. Future Pres. Wait that is so not allowed.

Becky's kitchen! Which she owns. Because she bought it. With her husband. They are adults. This is totally normal to me.

Plus she cooks!

We like it at Becky and Sams!

I belong in the jungle. I swear. Being in Hawaii was beyond strange. I can't remember the last time I have been to an island which was not impoverished. Hawaii has costco! And road signs. And Woody Harrelson.

I mean come on. Its time to move there right now.

I live in Birkenstocks. I think I may even take the leap and buy a winter pair so I never have to wear anything but Birkenstocks.

Found this restaurant on yelp, very highly rated. Its a tent. With maybe the best food I have ever had ever.

Love it.


  1. wow, I really enjoy the dramatic pose I am striking in that first picture! What is going on? We loved having you come visit. (P.S. how is there not a picture of Denis trying to take a nap and Daisy attacking??)