Saturday, January 28, 2012

Kelsey: Stellar week

I am sitting in my kitchen and reflecting on what a fun week this has been. I am in my paint clothes probably getting smudges of paint on my mothers kitchen chairs. But its fine because she stole them from me.

Denis and I are redoing the family room. It takes my mother about a year to decide on paint colors. I came  home and sped the process a bit. So it was only about 7 or 8 months in total. The butt ugly brown shag carpet from the 1970s is being replaced, sadly. But fun for us because we are messy painters. And we are too lazy for drop cloths. What a horrible combination! Don't worry we are obviously planning on starting a very successful husband wife painting business.

This week I convinced a 3 year old that he should not stick his hand down the vents on the floor because a dinosaur will bite it off. I thought he would giggle and tell me I was being silly. But instead he looked at me with big eyes and asked, "really?" Should I lie to a 3 year old? This flashed through my mind before I answered, yes absolutely a very hungry dinosaur lives under the floor. Every day since then we have looked into the vent to check on the dinosaur but we make sure to never stick our fingers down there.

Proof that you should always lie to your children.

Tomorrow I get to end this splendid week by seeing my best friends, Becky and Robyn, who are both in town for other reasons but we can pretend they are here solely to see me. I lie to myself as well. I also hope to get out of painting tomorrow and curl up with some blogs. Here is what I am reading:

truth finds grace

- My friend Joanna write this blog. Joanna is practical and funny and inspirational. Basically the person who I would go to for advice on literally any subject. So its very handy for me that she is writing it all down in a portable searchable format. She is basically writing this just for me.

The Rileys in Uganda

- The Rileys are a family living in Uganda working on adoption in an incredibly important way. They are asking the hard questions like should kids be adopted? What impact does international adoption have? How to encourage adoption within the native country. How to adopt internationally responsibly. Adoption can be a miracle or it can literally be stealing a child from an economically challenged family. I think this is probably the most important blog I read. I heard someone say that if you don't believe in abortion then by default you have to believe in adoption, you need to be ready to adopt some babies. I have always viewed adoption as an extra. Something cool and extra that some people choose to do. What a challenge to think of it as something we are called to and have to do. This blog stirs lots of conversation in my house.

Stef's blog

- Today I got to see my awesome friend Stef. She is one of my favorite people in the world. Her blog is incredibly entertaining. My favorite blog post of hers is from years ago when she had a dream that she was at her dead grandma's funeral and grandma jumped out of the casket. Like surprise! I came back to see you! It was not a morbid or creepy thing not was super joyful. Like last night I had an awesome dream that grandma jumped out of the casket! Awesome. I feel like reading this blog is a rare chance to get into the mind of a person who sees the world very differently from the average American.

Stef and Kels. BFF.

What are you reading? I always need more blogs.


  1. For the records i(denis) was supposed to be in that photo so just imagine you are seeing me in between

  2. Lie to your kids to get a laugh out of them. Sounds like great parenting :D

    I am reading blogs and trying to finish a Ken Follet book that I've been reading forever. I also have a nutmeg book to read, but haven't started that. And of course, blogs on my list :) LIke this one.