Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Kelsey: 30 before 30

I started working on my 30 things to do by 30 list a few months ago. I posted somewhere about the best things I did before 25. So fun. THis list is not finished. It obviously needs to be edited down, little long. Also I am sure I will find things to add. I guess the point of this 30 by 30 thing might be lost on me. But still I think it is a good way to not put things off. I don't want to have a bucket list that I say I will do "someday", I like the idea of living these things now. But then its strange because the biggest things aren't on this list. Like getting married and having kids and all that because as Becky pointed out its not as if you can forget to do those things... But then adoption is on the list because its not something I want to put off. Well here it is:

- VIsit all 50 states

- Fly in a helicopter

- Swim with shark or dolphin in the wild

- Buy an expensive DSLR

- Learn to use fancy camera (sarah teach me)

- Drink champagne in France 

- Eat pizza in Itlay

- See a whale

- At  least begin the adoption process if not complete it.

- Take a continuing education class at a local college (preferably one about cooking)

- Ride in a hot air balloon

- Become a certified wine sommelier

- See my favorite author read live. David Sedaris. 

- Do something so adventurous that I have to drink out of a backpack

- Go geocaching

- Get a masters in non prof management

- Go on an Awesome road trip

- Protest something

- Floss everyday


- See mt rushmore

- See grand canyon

- Find a really great small group

- Volunteer in a food pantry regularly

- Grow a better garden

- Get a job working with refugees

- Buy a boat

- Swim in the Nile

- Audition or try out for something

- Be in India during Holi!!!

- Perfect the red velvet cupcake

- Visit Havasu Falls

- Start a box for my future biographer

- Build an awesome rube golderg machine

- Solve a mystery

- Learn how to pick locks. 

- Invest $500 in a risky stock

I really like it that the last two rhyme. Some things might have to be cut. Like now that I look at it I think hmm maybe I don't need to become a certified wine sommelier. I swear I have no recollection of putting "buy a boat" on there. But now that I see it I mean maybe its something to consider. Things I have done since I started the list are in blue. 

Whats on your list? What should I add?

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