Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Sarah: Life Lately

Frank and I moved [again!] on Saturday! We moved from the cockroach infested little apartment to a cute little apartment in a busy little neighborhood. I. am. loving it. I'm not loving the unpacking, though. A necessary evil I suppose.

Here are some iPhone photos that I've taken lately:

 December Nights in the Park
On Sunday [right after we moved into our new
place] we got our first real Christmas Tree!
I am now in FULL holiday mode!
Starbucks for moving day!
We were excited in line for the coffee to
help us with moving day!
I hope you all have a lovely Tuesday!


  1. You, my dear, are the cutest ever!

  2. cute pics! Glad to hear you guys got a great place now :) once you are all settled in I wanna see pics on how you decorated and such! Miss ya!

  3. Thanks, ladies! Ashley, maybe as the holidays pass I'll be able to have time to decorate/photograph my new little home!