Thursday, December 15, 2011

Kelsey: Scary Baby

Aunt Kitty this one is for you!

A while ago I posted a blog and my relatives started commenting on it about how when I was a baby I had a ton of hair and I was cute and stuff. So I had to dig up some pictures to show what  actually looked like as a baby (any excuse to post an ugly baby picture!) I was like an evil cabbage patch doll come to life.

So I tend to do this thing with my eyes where I kind of open them too wide and look possessed or like I might be trying to move something with my mind.

I get it from my dad.

Crazy eyes. 

Lets just say it was not an adorable quality on a baby.

Semi cute with eyes shut.

This is where it starts to go wrong...

This is what I looked like right after I burst out of my mothers stomach Alien style.

It is still not ok when it is smiling.

I don't know why but this is my favorite. I think its the stache.

So while looking at scary baby pictures I was distracted by this gem of my mother pulling me around the front yard in a pampers box. White trash style.

But then there are these adorable photos which basically look like they came out of the 1950's except for the haircuts.

My mom with her mom at the Jersey Shore.

My mom and her dad. Pretty standard for them. How cute is my mom!


  1. OH my goodness. These pictures made me love your parents even more. If that was possible!


  2. your captions are making me laugh so much and induce a coughing fit! hurry up and run out of wit and humor. (at least until my cough is gone!)
    bb kels is adorable!

  3. I'm going to create a campaign for your dad to bring back the dark brown 'stache.

    " Gimme a Little Mo' 'Stache" is the slogan. It's your job to make this happen.