Sunday, December 18, 2011

Kelsey: Bathroom redo

My childhood bathroom has remained the same for too many years. Denis and I decided to help out my mom and redo the upstairs bathroom.

I actually think this bathroom was painted like this while I was in high school. I t was Veggie Tales themed. As in covered in Veggie tales stickers and pictures and towels and a giant Veggie Tales shower curtain that my mom made. We kind of loved Veggie Tales... even in high school. Obviously I was very cool and popular in high school.

This is Lyle the Kindly Viking. He creepily resides under the shower head.

He has to go.

This is Mister Lundt. He is some kind of squash. He is a grumpy character and I like him. Plus its was a huge pain to scrape all the Vegetable stickers off the mirror. I vote he stays.

As we got older the vegetables have been being phased out. Right now there is a very colorful shower curtain which replaced the Veggie Tales curtain a few years ago.

It kind of looks like a circus from this angle. In the morning this bright green color is peircing to eyes which have just woken up. It is like the brightest bathroom on God's earth.

So everyone was in agreement that we should go white for the redo. No chaotic bright colors. Just white.

And we went very white.  We are not done yet, this is incomplete. We need to introduce some color. And we need something for the window. It just looks lonely.

I know it looks really plain but it is a refreshing change from the green. We wanted to go soft and light.

Lyle the Kindly Viking has found a new home, out of my shower

Originally I had liked a creamy colored shower curtain from Anthropologie. But when I got to the store the cream one looked weird and I thought this one was so pretty. But it is very white.

This empty space above the blue toilet is begging for a picture. Just have to find the right one.

Hooks from Anthro to be hung next to the mirror for hand towels.

We wanted to introduce color with the towels, but we could find nothing but ugly colors. So we got one white one to see how we like it. I think its pretty but I still think we need color.

I love white and gold and cream.

I would love suggestions for how to improve/ add some color.

I still have to paint the mirror (see the blue mirror above). And then find a really great picture for above the toilet.


  1. I love the white. i have a friend whose ENTIRE house is white. The "accent colors" are some black and mostly wood. It is breathtaking. I think you did well. except for calling me. that is not going well. :)

  2. How many coats of white did it take to cover the green??

  3. I know I really like the white too! Its o pretty in the light. But then I worry its too plain. I always love when other people do white.

    It took 4 coats to cover the green. It was ridiculous. And there is a small spot behind the door where I can still see some free coming through.

    - Kels

  4. I love white!! Lately, all my pins for "for the home" have been dark walls with lighter accents. I love that look too.

    I think the white is good. Subtle. Understated. The exact opposite of the veggie tales bathroom : )