Monday, December 5, 2011

Sarah: Sweater Love

Remember this post where I complained a lot about the things I missed in Elgin? Well, let me tell you something: It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas here in San Diego! It's way cooler now (like 60-ish degrees!) and while we don't have snow, if I put on some good Christmas music and close my eyes, I can imagine the snow. Which is basically the same thing.

Saturday night, Husband and I went to this little shindig known as December Nights. It was fun! The museums are open all evening for free & there's tons of food. And while yes, we did have fun we left after about an hour and a half. Why? Two reasons: 

One: We only had 4 dollars in cash between the two of us and the ATMs there wanted to charge a fee of 4 dollars! On principle, we couldn't bring ourselves to do that. 

Two: It was freaking cold! And we parked like a mile away so that we could avoid paying a fee to park and crazy drivers. As we were walking the mile back to our car, I started to think how nice it'd be if I had a coat or sweater to bundle myself up. Hence, this list:

1). A coat with faux-fur just says class to me. Add a bow and you've got mega-class. Kind of like mega-desk.
2). This cozy little sweater just screams "Holidays!", don't you think?
3). I feel like the neckline of this pretty, feminine number would be universally flattering on all women. Do you think it'd look good on you?
4). Dainty, soft, & subtle. I love the blues.
5). Pretty simple & straightforward. But I like the buttons on the shoulder & multi-colored speckles throughout the oatmeal wool.
6). You know, 6 months ago I never ever would have worn something like this. But now, I think I'd live in it. Funny how things change, huh?
7). This jacket reminds of 1940s Germany (I've been watching a lot of German WWII films lately). I love the earthy tone, buttons, & the collar.
8). Since I was a kid, I've hated turtlenecks. They make me feel claustrophobic and trapped. And I admittedly, still don't own one to this day. But I'd be willing to give this one a try.
9). My obsession with mint green continues. This sweater just looks so comfy & versatile. Good for layering?
10). Just look at that lace collar. What an easy way to feminize any plain shirt. so. pretty.

Ok. Question: What's the difference between a jacket & a coat? 'Cause I have no idea...


  1. a jacket isn't as warm. hence, what you will need for your 60 "winter". Coat what you needed when you lived where winter really happens.
    my favorite is sweaters and flipflops. Not practical here, but I will vicariously live it through you!

  2. I think there is also some history where a jacket is indoor wear (like a suit jacket or dinner jacket) while a coat is an outdoor layer.

    The distinction is made, though confusingly and possibly incorrectly, in the movie Holiday Inn. Fred Astaire, wasted, arrives at the Holiday Inn and tries to check his coat. His coat and his suit jacket come off at once! (Oh, the hilarious faux pas of the 1940s that wouldn't even register with a contemporary viewer). But here's where it gets confusing: he stumbles off, then returns to the coatcheck girl and slurs, "I forgot my jacket!" and she says to him, "oh, you won't need that, but you will need your coat!" and hands him his suit jacket. As I recall, they used the opposite words than I would have used. But maybe I'm just remembering it wrong.

  3. also, jackets are always short while coats may be long.

  4. Thanks, guys! Come visit Joanna! You can have ALL the sweater and flip flop weather you want : ) And Becky, did you know all of that off the top of your head? Nice!


  5. wikipedia may have provided some assistance ;)

    The Holiday Inn part was all me, though.