Thursday, November 3, 2011

Sarah: Homesick

I know I'm going to sound crazy in this post--but here I go:

I've been feeling homesick lately.

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 In the comment section of this post, I told Kels some of the things I'm missing about Elgin:

Kels: "Is Papi the only thing you miss about Elgin?"

Sar: "No. I also miss cooler weather, changing leaves, Al's creamery, the convenience of JU's gym, only being 1 hour difference from my family (and a 6 hour car ride away),and my lovely/spacious apartment. However, El Faro doesn't even compare to the awesome Mexican food going on here."

Good Mexican food is my silver lining.

Time doesn't seem to progress here. I'm pretty sure it's because of the 24/7 sunshine. You might think I'm bragging, but as a girl who grew up near Lake Erie, with lake effect and all that jazz, I'm used to the cold. And I didn't realize that I would actually miss it. The changing seasons have always defined the holidays, my clothing, even sometimes my mood. And now--it's constantly sunny. Since September, it has rained twice. I miss maple trees and the changing colors of leaves. I miss the chilliness of November. I miss the need for a scarf and cute hat. I will especially miss the first snow of the year (which I think has already occurred?) which has always brought me some inexplicable joy. I dedicate one whole page of my journal to the first snow of the year. I hope it gets colder here.

I wasn't lying about writing about it my journal.

I miss friends. Frank and I still haven't made any friends--and not for lack of trying. We're going out & exploring churches (which by the way-we think we found a good one!), so we're hopeful! Maybe for Thanksgiving we'll have our Somali neighbors over : )

Most of our time so far in San Diego has been so good. I would say 80% of the time we've been here has been wonderful. I go through stages though, where I can only see the rest of that homesick 20%. This homesickness is just  a phase...but I thought I'd share it with you. Feel free to send your cold weather my way. In the spirit of wanting to feel autumn-y, I'm making salsa chicken & black bean soup in the crock pot for dinner. I'm so excited : )


  1. I know what you mean about being homesick in some ways. This time of the year has made me homesick for north american fall. It just "ain't" the same here. Especially the colours. I'll trade you some cold for the sun, maybe it will even out to proper fall weather? Is it odd that I think of "fall" as american and "autumn" as european?

  2. For me, it's about the clothes. I miss needing to bundle up. Which is funny, because I used to LOATHE layering and being too hot. Sometimes I pretend it's cold here. It is a bit odd that you think of "fall" as American and "autumn" as European. I wonder if it's because Americans say both "fall" and "autumn" while Euro's just say "autumn"? I prefer to say autumn--it sounds prettier : )


  3. Beautiful Sarah I only live ten hours away from family now but I still feel homesick often because of my lack of friends/community/places to go here in Kentucky. I live in the middle of nowhere like literally with a bunch of crazies lol so I totally know. But God will be faithful I promise! I love you!

  4. Thanks for the encouragement, Carrie!