Friday, November 4, 2011

Sarah: Arrival

The Ugandans are coming! The 
Ugandans are coming!!!

Kelsey and Deno, that is. They arrive in country today!!
This is a big day for all people who love and know Kelsey. Since I won't see
her in the flesh for a while,
I'm going to celebrate the day with a glass of wine.
Later of course--it's only 7:50am here. 


  1. you must not get away kels. call me. not later. sooner. must have plans.

  2. Yeah, same goes here! I will surely die if I dont see you. If you are not careful, I will become your American stalker. Be afraid, be very afraid!

  3. hello, Ugandans! Are you here?

  4. Hahahahaha "Later of course--it's only 7:50 here"

    love this

    - kels

  5. Couldn't be happier to have them here!