Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sarah: Come Back Films

You know those films that you always come back to? The ones that resonate and stay with you? The movies you put on if you are working on a project because you know every line by heart? Yes? Well, these are my movies:

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The Holiday
It's a feel good movie. I think part of the allure of this film for me, is my experience of the first time
I saw it. I went to see it in high school, with my good friend Emily. And it was a good time. The
thing I like most about this movie is the dynamic between Kate Winslet, Jack Black, and the old man
down the street. I could do without Jude and Cameron's superficial relationship--but hey, it makes for
a good movie, right? But--who doesn't love that scene in that kick ass fort with Cameron, Jude, and
 Jude's adorable movie-children? I love me some berry kiss.

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Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
This is my all-time favorite movie. It's a true love story about two people who get caught up in the
mundane, stagnant stages of love. They stop seeing each other for who they are, and instead, see
all the flaws and imperfections. Eternal Sunshine shows us what can happen to our relationships if we 
stop working at them and allow ourselves to see the worst. By traveling through his memories, Jim
 Carrey's character realizes why he loves Kate Winslet. And then fate brings them back together. What
 I love about this film is that every time I watch it I discover something new. Whether it be a new quirk 
of one of the charactersor a new detail in the set, I'm always excited to see what I'll discover next.
The creativity of this film is out of this world and it's so well acted. I'll meet you in Montauk.

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Away We Go
First of all, the combination of John Krasinski and Maya Rudolph is genius. They compliment each other 
so well. In the first few scenes, I didn't really like Maya's character. She seemed kind of controlling
and teacher-ish; always correcting John's character. But as the film progresses and you get to know
John's character, you can understand (not condone) some of her frustrations. The characters are
realistically flawed and they are just searching for a good place to raise their child. Along the way,
they meet some crazy characters and come face-to-face with some deep, life issues. It's a 
beautiful, funny, sensitive love story that I can watch over and over.

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Pride & Prejudice
I love this book. And I also love this movie. The subtle growth of love between Elizabeth and Mr.
Darcy is enough to make any girl swoon. Also, the mutual realization of their flaws is something
that I think many of us can relate to.While I'm not Keira Knightley's number one fan, I think she did a beautiful job portraying Elizabeth Bennet. I also love the way the family dynamic is captured in this movie. We can all relate to a time when our parents and siblings embarrassed us. The cinematography is beautiful. The beautiful landscapes, the camera work--I mean the dancing scene with Elizabeth and 
Mr. Darcy is breathtaking. This will always be a film that I will come back to and watch. 

What are your favorite, go-to movies?


  1. Serendipity.
    10 things I hate about you.

  2. Preeti-I seriously love ALL those movies. Good picks!


  3. Oh my gosh I LOVE "Away We Go"!!!!!!


  4. A few of these are also my favorites as well, but here are some others :

    - When Harry Met Sally
    - Annie Hall
    - 500 Days of Summer
    - Atonement (when I need a good cry)
    - French Kiss
    - Julie & Julia
    - The Jane Austen Book Club
    - Definitely, Maybe.

    I have a big list. :)

  5. Bethany-I LOVE Annie Hall, 500 Days, & Atonement (even though it's the most depressing movie I've ever seen). I've never seen the last four films--I'll have to check them out!