Thursday, December 8, 2011

Sarah: Happy Birthday!

This is one of my all-time favorite pictures of my mom. She looks happy and she's actually smiling in this picture! Something that is not easy for her to do. I don't know why! But it's at the level where if I want her to "smile for real, mom!" I need to like tickle her or say something super inappropriate for her to laugh. I don't know what made her smile in this picture...maybe it was that her favorite daughter was giving her some sugar. I kid, I kid. She doesn't have favorites. But if she did....

Anyways. The true reason I posted this photo of my mom is because look at how much she looks like a young Melissa Gilbert! You know, from Little House on the Prairie. Or LHOTP for you hard-core fans.

Mom & Sarah: Prom Night, May 2007
Rob Lowe & Laura Ingalls-oops, I meant Melissa Gilbert.
Circa 1980s. Did you know they were once engaged?

They could be sisters! Seriously! Especially when I remember pictures from when I was little. My mom had this beautiful, white porcelain skin & gorgeous wide-set eyes. I've always thought she could have totally been a model.

Also, Happy Birthday, Mom! You're the best.

If you want to see some more crazy, unknown celeb relationships this website is dedicated for your stalking pleasure!

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  1. Oh my gosh I love your mom. Happy Birthday Sharon!

    - Kels