Monday, October 17, 2011

Sarah: Shoes for Your Eyes Part II

Heya, folks. So in early June I ordered some Warby Parker glasses. I didn't find anything I really liked, so I never ordered a pair.

But I made another order with different frames and they arrived today! I like these frames much more than I like the other ones. And since my camera was stolen, I had to take these with the iphone. People, I need your help figuring out which ones look best.

1). Zagg

2). Sinclair

3). Finn

4). Thatcher

5). Tenley

Go here if you want to see the other Warby Parker frames I tried on last time. Please leave a comment with your opinion on which ones you like best!



  1. Oh my gosh I LOVE the first three. Especially number 2. Are they comfy?

    - Kels

  2. I like number 3...but I think number 2 is more you!

  3. Molly, I KNEW you'd like 3. But you both know me so well. Number 2 are my favs BY FAR! They are SUPER comfy. I wore them to work yesterday and got like 54 compliments.

    Btw, Kels. Did I tell you that Erin Philpot gave me her old HP (Because she got an airmac) when she heard that my macbook was stolen? She did. And it's wonderful. And it was just updated to Windows 7. I need you to help me figure it out....


  4. I knew when I looked at them the big 80;s glasses would be your favorite. but I still have nightmares about the pink ones I had that looked like that in the 6th grade. I love the Finn...because I think names matter AND they suit your face AND they are a great mix of super trendy and function. Which is what I look for for longevity. but since you switch so often, that probably isn't a big factor.

    Finn. Maybe that is what I will name my next child if you don't get the glasses.

  5. Hahaha, Joanna. I also liked the name Finn. I met a woman today whose name is Zoe. Pronounced Zo. No ee at the end. I liked it


  6. Langston (from your first set) or Finn - above. The large frames - not so much.... in my humble opinion
    Sharon B

  7. Thanks for commenting, Sharon! I appreciate your input : )