Monday, June 6, 2011

Shoes for Your Eyes

Have you heard of Warby Parker? They're a super cool company that seeks to provide quality, stylish, affordable glasses to people. All of their frames and lenses are under $100 and when you purchase a pair, they donate a pair to someone who also needs glasses. It's like toms shoes for your eyes.

Part of Warby Parker's deal is that you can select 5 pairs of glasses from their site to have sent to your home to try them out for 5 whole days (for free, might I add...). My 5 arrived today! WOO! But now I need to figure out which ones look the best. And I need your help! Please give me your opinion on which ones you think look best out of the five (don't pay attention to the color of any of the frames):

1). Crosby

2). Wiloughby

3). Roosevelt

4). Pierce

5). Langston

My husband says he can't tell a difference between any of them, which is super helpful. He says that if he must choose, he picks 5. I think 5 is too safe...While I like them, they're just so straight edge, you know? I want some style, some hip-ness, if you will.

Leave a comment, and tell me which ones you like.

Many thanks,


  1. I'd pick number 2. In between super hipster and normal. :)
    -Allison Reed

  2. Thanks Allison! I'll keep that in mind : )

  3. I am with your husband (more points for him).
    I lived through the 80's though and remember you may want to discard my advice. I had glasses like the top 4...only pink...rad.

  4. numero uno would be my personal choice!

  5. Denis likes number 5. I like number one but they are so hipster! Personally I love number 4. 5 are adorable on you but 4 are more fun. Maybe I should poll everyone in the house....

    Ok Contance couldn't choose just one her fav's are 1 and 5.

    Martin likes 5.

    Richard likes 5.

    - Kels

  6. I hate 3. HATE 3.

    Number 4 is my favorite, and then 2. 5 is good--but like I said, it's safe.

    Do we think it's a coincidence that all the Africans vote for number 5?


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