Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Kelsey: Little Racists

When Denis was a kid his favorite movie was Rambo. Apparently he was obsessed and he would watch it over and over. The other day he told me that until he was like 6 years old he thought that every white man he saw was Sylvester Stallone.

This kind of makes me wonder what kind of white guys were hanging out in Jinja in the late 80's? I mean I know all white people look the same but come on, this guy?

But funny story, until I was 5 I lived in New Jersey and there was a really sweet black man who lived across the street from us. I am sure I must have interacted with other black people but for some reason I really thought this man was Gordon from Sesame Street. I mean I referred to him as Gordon. I assumed he went to Sesame Street everyday and then came home and slept in his home on my street. The man looked nothing like Gordon, nor were they even close to the same age. But they were both black...

So in conclusion Denis and Kelsey both super racist as little kids. 

Elmo should have taught us better.

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