Saturday, October 15, 2011

Kelsey: A week in phone pics

Its been stormy in Uganda. Storms means no one leaves the house. Patients don't go to the hospital (hence I don't go to the hospital). Kids don't go to school. People wait until the rain stops to go into work. Markets close and basically Uganda closes. Its a little bit extreme. I also find that most people fall asleep. Its a nice excuse to stay home and play 'cards' the one Ugandan game played with cards.

This woman is leaning on her gun and texting. I think we could be good friends.

Denis and I tested ourselves for malaria.

Malaria free since 93. If only. (anyone get that HIMYM reference? eh?)

But seriously jabbing yourself with a needle turns out to be way more painful than stabbing someone else with a needle. I had gotten so used to sticking people that I sort of forgot it hurt...

The market is moving. The entire Jinja market has packed up and moved. Jinja being the second largest cit in Uganda. Its whole market moved. Its so strange.

Denis is annoyed. Either because the market has moved or because I stabbed him with a needle.

Gladys and I frequently chill in town when everyone else leaves us home alone. Gladys eats her fries with a fork, she is fancy.

I really like this painting but I think its maybe too bright. But also I want it. Is it too bright? Do I have too many bright things?

One of the sinks at the hospital. Out of water like 50% of the time. The other day we put off work for two hours because there was no water for cleaning the infant's legs before we immunize them.

This little girl was freaking out while her mother was getting an IUD implanted. I was trying to calm her down and simultaneously learn how to do an IUD. I thought taking her picture and showing it to her would help but she just screamed more. I guess white lady with small electronic device that steals her image is not calming. Strange.

Curry powders. I love market pictures. I also love curry.

Small fish. These are evil. They are dried minnows, I think. People eat them with ground up peanuts. Basically the perfect way to ruin peanut butter. They smell like death and depression.

As opposed to cow stomach which smells delightful. The flies are included.

Looks like coral but is actually cow intestine. I think. I might have that switched maybe the one above is of cow intestine and this one is cow stomach. The guy tried to explain it to me but then he touched it. He touched the insides of a cow. And then I screamed and ran away.

Chapatti balls just waiting to be rolled and fried and turned into Rolex. The most delicious street food delicacy of Uganda is the rolex. Fried eggs with fried veggies wrapped in fried bread.

Chapatti man, provider of delicious foods. I love him.


  1. 1). You have many MANY bright things. But too many? I don't think so. But if you want to buy it--but it for me : )

    2). "They smell like death and depression." hahahaha.

    3). Seriously! I thought the cow intestine/stomach looked like coral or some other water-dwelling creature.

    4). Rolex is my one true love. for real.


  2. I had no idea cow intestine looked like that.

    You broaden my world... I should thank you. Especially for the cow intestine shot :))

  3. Kelsey! I love your blog and all of these pictures in particular! :)