Monday, June 13, 2011

You've Come so Far!!!


Technically, it's only 13th of June in the US. But technically, it's already tomorrow (the 14th) in UG. And technically, we already celebrated Kels' birthday before she left. But I think that the real birth date deserves at least a shout out. If it was guaranteed that it would make it to Uganda on time, I would have gotten Kels this card:


Kels, you DA BOMB!!! And I hope your birthday was one of the best. 

Much love,

**Card can be found and purchased here:


  1. it feels really weird not to give you breakfast in bed or take you out to dinner or something for your birthday. i hope someone does it for you there. do they make a big deal out of birthdays there? they better! have a great day. i love you. mom

  2. Sarah--I love that uterus card!! I have a new found love of them and I appreciate that it is on her birthday card! :)

  3. Rachel--I also LOVE that card (and uteruses. uteri?). It makes me laugh.