Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bingo Bango Bongo

Obviously, there have been some renovations on the blog (thanks to my freaking awesome husband). What do you guys think?

I spent my day going in between Walgreens to print pictures to hang in frames on my wall (most of the said frames came straight off Kels' wall) and waiting for the AC man to come fix our air conditioning that will save me from the impending heat of summer. Two hours, three unlevel and unnecessary holes later, the frames made it to their marks on the wall.

Francis has volunteered to be my personal trainer for the week. So in the evening we headed out to the gym. Let me tell you something: You have not felt pain until you have worked out with my husband. My arms are going to fall off. Seriously. If you're driving around town and you wonder, "Who is that armless girl with the curly hair and angry disposition walking down the street?" I can tell you, it's me. I'm armless because my arms have fallen off from excessive bicep/tricep exercises. I'm angry because hello! I have no arms, I can't drive, and I've most likely killed my husband for making my arms fall off. Just kidding, I would just take his arms too. It's like the Notebook's "If you're a bird, I'm a bird." But instead it's, "If you have no arms, I have no arms." It's the same sentiment without the catchiness.

Does anyone else love Kevin, from The Office? Oh my goodness, I love him. I really hate that the writers or producers (or whoever they are) have decided to stop including the more minor characters in The Office lately. I miss Kevin! The title of this post is in honor of him.


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