Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Ode to Sar

I’m stealing your format. It looked so nice.
She's beautiful (Also she totally stole that scarf from me)

Sarah is in my phone as Sarahwilleatanything Offanysurface. And it is true. I once saw Sarah drop ice cream on the ground at the Forbidden Temple in China (thousands of years old and sacred) she picked it back up and popped it in her mouth. It wasn’t like a non porous item like a gumball. It was melty ice cream, on the ground, where millions of Chinese have walked. Just saying…

 Cake on her face in China. She did not eat any of this 
off the ground. Chinese cake is Gross.
Sarah is married to a wonderful man named Francis (who does not eat things off the ground). He is from Uganda and he is a freaking talented musician. Go here. They married last August in a beautiful (handmade) wedding in Ohio. Sarah always says she wishes people knew how strange her husband is.

Sar and Francis
Sarah is wonderfully cynical. I love this about her. Her cynicism is like a breath of fresh air in my life. She doesn’t sugar coat things. When she tells you something it is never fake.  She is probably the most genuine person I know. I think part of Sarah’s charm is that she says the thing that everyone else is thinking. Sometimes it gets her into trouble. But I think mostly it results in her having really authentic relationships.

Sarah is from Ohio, which if you have spent any time with her at all you probably already know.  She is obsessed with all things Ohio and she hates all things Illinois (small exception for Chicago). You should message her and tell her how wonderful Illinois is. She would LOVE that.

She doesn't love you IL.
Sarah is crafty. We once spent an entire month sitting in our apartment sewing (her) and beading (me) and watching ridiculous amounts of Gilmore Girls. She is crafty in an etsy sort of way, not in a scrapbooking sort of way. Scrapbooking is like the antithesis of Sarah. Making quilts out of vintage handkerchiefs is like the essence of Sarah. Also she has excellent taste. I would love it if Sarah picked out all of my clothes. She is bohemian classy. 

Sar in my fav shirt
Sarah has been all over the world but isn’t finished traveling. She sent me this message yesterday, “I have a really big itch to travel. Like, real bad. Freaking JenlovesKev (a blog) are in Paris right now to celebrate their anniversary. I'm drooling with jealousy. My jealousy has caused me to have a stroke and now the right side of my face is numb and so the drool is dripping from my paralyzed face.” Hahahahaha. Soon she will be in Uganda with her husband to visit family! I cannot even wait.

This is her paralyzed face

Sarah facts
-          She hates sangria because of an incident in Haiti
-          She has had cake smashed in her face in China
-           One day she will be a rich photographer and will give me 10% for discovering her. Seriously.
-          She grew up with all women. This has various fun implications.
-          She likes old things. She is on a first name basis with the owner of Elgin Antique   
-          She has Amazing hair. And gets it cut by the fabulous Tracy!
-          She and I will be in Paris by the end of 2012. I predict it.
-          Soon she will be an aunt!

- Kels

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