Friday, June 10, 2011

Summer Anthem

I spent four years and thousands of dollars going to college, right? I graduated, right? I have a college degree, right? I'm not some crazy lunatic who made all of that up, right?

Well then, why don't I have a job yet? Hmm? Answer that one. I have tweaked and refined my resumes (yes, that's right. I have multiple resumes). I have applied. I have interviewed. But no one seems to want to hire me. And this, my dear friends, is the kicker: They don't even call to tell you that you didn't get the job. Nope. So far I've gotten politically correct, pre-written emails and a postcard in the mail telling me that I didn't get the job. Here's something to celebrate though: my mailman can now share in my job-less situation from reading the postcard! Woo! Maybe now he'll think I'm super poor from my lack of work (and money) and throw some extra coupons in my mail.

But seriously. The whole job searching thing is really frustrating. Not that I thought it would be a piece of cake, but I thought someone would want to hire me. I am a catch people! I am a hard worker. I am a fast learner. I learn the best with hands on experience--throw me in the trenches and I'll pick the job right up. I like working with people (hello! I have a degree in m i n i s t r y!!!). I have a college degree. C'mon employers! See the magnificence that is before you and snatch me up! If it helps you decide, I would hire me.

Last night I was expressing my frustration and fears with my new friend, Joanna, (Kels and Joanna were roommates years ago) and she encouraged/reminded me that there is a plan for me. The plan just doesn't include the jobs that I've applied for. Something will eventually (soon, I hope) come up.

Ok. I'm tired of being a downer. On a much lighter note, this song is going to be the anthem of my summer. I love it. Every time I hear it I get ridiculously giddy and lighthearted. Seriously. Even now, with the frustrations of joblessness, this songs lifts me up. Enjoy:


oh, p.s. If any of you know of available jobs in the area, give me a holla!


  1. "I would hire me" Hahahahaha I would hire you too!

    Also I feel your pain. Joblessness sucks. Its like this thing always lingering in the back of my mind. Or front of my mind.

    - Kels

  2. Good good. Let's hire each other.


  3. my love is not enough for both of you? WHAT???