Friday, June 10, 2011

How to make a baby like you. Kelsey's guaranteed method.

Step One: Do not be offended. Try not to take it personally when baby screams at the sight of your face. Put yourself in baby's shoes. To her white people look like ghosts.

Step Two: Try all normal methods of baby bonding. Tickle. Hug. Kiss. Give bottle.

If step two fails then proceed to step three

Step Three: Lick finger and dip in sugar. Put finger in baby's mouth.

Step Four: repeat step three often.

Guaranteed baby likeage in 48 hours. (Not recommended for American babies on account of nervous American parents)

Baby Alisha, no longer cries at the sight of me. 
 - Kels


  1. Ya know, I read this as "How to make a baby like YOU" instead of "How to make a baby LIKE you". I was curious how you were going to clone people! But this was just as interesting!

  2. Kels, I LOVE this! Who's baby is that? Deno's brother's baby? As in, his niece?


  3. Oh thats funny I didn't even think of it like that. Ha!

    Yep its Deno's niece. Who I have met twice before. But apparently she has forgotten! Hahaha.

  4. That was Kels. Too much work to repost it.

  5. even a small asterisk could avoid the confusion
    no asterisk=Kels
    like code for loyal readers.

  6. I like it. Note the lack of asterisk.