Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Yes, Please!

My sister's baby shower was on Sunday and boy, am I glad it's over. That sounds really bad, but you might not know that I hate Hate HATE planning, coordinating, and orchestrating events (granted, I haven't had that much experience planning events, but still). For my sister's shower, I baked and cooked for three whole days, I made that cute bunting, and I worried about what games to play, if people would show up, etc. But the shower was great! My sister really enjoyed it, the games were tasteful, and I made way too much food.

Yesterday, I started training at Gap. Yeah, that's right, I finally got a job. I watched some training videos, filled out some paperwork, and bought some clothes. My first day I bought new clothes. But you would have gotten some new clothes, too! There was a final 50% off already on Sale items. And I get an additional 10% off sales items...so, that's 60% off sale items. $20 shirt for $4? Yes, please!


p.s. Kels, to answer your question, I chose glasses #4. I just need to order them.