Monday, June 20, 2011

Birthday Photos

Sarah did you ever tell us which glasses you chose? You need to post a pic of the winner.

Here are some pics from my birthday

My birthday cake was made by a woman named Santa. As in Santa Clause. This is funny to no one here because there is no Santa Clause. But I crack up every time someone says Santa is coming. SANTA IS COMING!!!!! FYI Ugandan birthday cake is NOT the same as American cake. 

For my birthday God made it rain. The best gift of all. I love the rain.

Rain pouring off of our roof

Family hiding from the rain. I love that when it rains no one can go anywhere. Inside the house it is too loud to talk and outside it is too muddy to move around. Love it.

Chickens also hide from the rain. Wimps.
Then it began to hail and we picked up the chunks of ice out of the mud and ate them. It sounds gross but it was delicious.
This is the view from my bed. I love my life.
Double rainbow.  DOUBLE RAINBOW!
- Kels


  1. I had such a Uganda moment today. I was sitting at a conference and we kept sitting and sitting and sitting and waiting for someone to hand out awards (awards that we had nothing to do with, but they wanted an audience so we were "invited" to stay, but not given a chance to leave). And a very smart, kind man was talking about why these people deserved these awards and I just couldn't take it anymore. I left, very rudely, I snuck out the door. I did the same thing at a Ugandan wedding that we sat at for a few hours waiting for the bride and groom to show up. Today I realized that there aren't as many differences between our cultures as I once thought! Just thought I'd share! Are you still in Jinja?

  2. I never thought to decorate a birthday cake with ribbon. I'll have to try that next time!

  3. Oh my gosh that is fantastic. I feel like I am always rude here because I am not allowing myself to be forced into those type of pointless situations!!! That is so Ugandan! I am still in Jinja. I need to write a real update soon. Our electricity sucks so I dont get very much time on the internet.

    - Kels

  4. i tried to find a number to reach denis at to tell him he must serve you breakfast in bed on your birthday! i hope he remembered from mine.
    i miss you!

  5. SANTA is coming!!!! Can't stop laughing...

  6. I love the name Santa. I would not do well in Uganda. I'd never stop laughing at the name. I guess I'm not that nice.