Friday, June 17, 2011

Get Cho Craft On

Yesterday was the first day in a long time where I wanted to make something. There are some awesome DIY crafts on the website This website collects DIY projects, among other things, to inspire and help people create. The best part is that when you make a username you can "favorite" certain projects and craftgawker archives them for you so you never lose the projects you love. So yesterday I decided to start to make some of my favorited crafts.

My first project was this cute (and easy!) paper garland that I made with the help of a couple of my girlfriends (shout out to Rebecca and Lindsey!). I wanted to make it to decorate my sister's upcoming baby shower. This is how it turned out!

I like that the one all the way to the left is wonky. It adds
some character.

The easy tutorial can be found at Discover Paper's blog!

My friends left, I took a run with Frank (the husband), and then I returned to our apartment to begin another craft. I made a super cool necklace with the help of this tutorial.

I really like this necklace, but it will take a few attempts to make it perfectly. But for the first time making it, I think it went well. Enjoy your Friday!



  1. The banner is adorable! You have to post pics of your sister's shower. And of all the food. I am so craving peanut butter pie. Mail me a piece. I think you should post something you make every week.

    Last night I made peanut butter middles. They took hours to make. But sooooo good!!! I am thinking about posting some recipes of food I make here.

    - Kels

  2. I really like the banner as well! What an artistic person you are! I also think you need to post the picture of the winning glasses.

  3. especially how you have to substitute. more fun.

  4. Kels-I bet those cookies took FOREVER. They take forever here, so I can only imagine how long they took in UG.

    Rachel-thanks! I think a banner would good in your classroom!