Thursday, June 2, 2011

Physics is phun

I had two things to do today. Renew my drivers licensee and pay my rent. I did one. 50% of my to do list got done. If I were still in school that would be an F. Thank God school is over and I am not being graded on life.

I blame Sarah for my lack of getting things done. She dragged me to Anthropologie. And to Frozen Yogurt. Such a burden. And then Scott NEEDED my help with a physics project (as in he brought it up around me and I weaseled my way in).

His task: He has to mail a single pringle to his teacher without it breaking and then he has to eat the pringle in physics class. He can't spend more than $5 on supplies and shipping. I am MUCH more excited about this project than he is. His plan was to just wrap some bubble wrap around it and stick it in a box. Lame sauce!

Test subjects:
This is a pringle in a sheet of sugar glass.

Pringles coated in sugar glass.

Cupcake cocoon

Cupcakes with a pringle surprise!

Next step is baking a cake with a pringle in it. I hope he gets extra credit for awesome packaging. If we could make a sugar box with a cake inside with a pringle inside that, that would be the best ever. THE BEST!!! 

Finished product pics will be posted. Don't even worry.


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  1. hahaha. This is awesome. What happened to the rock candy idea? I liked that one...