Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Custodial Cat

Gordon is his name. Craziness is his game. Our friend Drasko (from Montenegro) helped us name the cat. Gordon sounds kind of like the Montenegrin word for “handsome”—and it stuck. Kels and I first got Gordon in September 2009 as a house cat for the two of us and a third roommate. The third roommate is no longer in the picture, as there was a butt ton of drama that surrounded the true ownership of the cat. There was some hiding of the cat and arguments—but needless to say, we got Gordon.

 So now he is a custodial cat. Meaning he lives with me for part of his life and he lives with Kels for another part. While Kels was studying abroad in Uganda he lived with me from January-August. And let me tell you, this cat is one heck of a listener. We had many a conversation. He is also quite the cuddler. Gordon is a mutt, but he looks almost identical to the Nebelung breed. 

(random, creepy, old Nebelung man-cat)


This breed is said to be really loyal and a lap cat. This is all true. But what they fail to mention is that Gordon is basically a dog in a cat’s body. He fetches, comes when you call his name (or whistle), makes love to his bag of food (is that a dog thing?), and lays all up on you. 

Gordon's hobbies include reading and chillin' in the bathroom (it's his favorite room). But I've never seen him reading in the bathroom...

Gordon is a W.O.O. (Win Others Over) - he takes after Kels in that way. People who meet Gordon automatically fall in love with him. The only exception to this are two of the most important people in my life: my husband and my mother. Both of these people (who are, let me mention again, central people in my world) hate Gordon. It makes me so sad that his supernatural W.O.O. powers don’t work on them. I mean…look at that FACE! Who wouldn’t love him?!

I sure do.



  1. awww but Gordon is awesome and adorable! How can someone not love him! I fell in love with him in my three weeks at Kelsey's....he is also obsessed with suitcases :) miss him already! that adorable face is hard not to love :)

  2. I don't love him either, but it has given your husband one more point in my book. I'd probably love your mom, too.

  3. booo, Joanna!! Gordon is awesome.