Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Packing and panicking

Inappropriate things make me laugh. Not like boobs and farts, I mean those do make me laugh, but like bad news or something that should be sad just makes me crack up. Right now my boyfriend has typhoid. I can not even type that sentence without starting to laugh. Its just ridiculous. Who gets typhoid? So far this year we have both gotten Malaria and now he has Typhoid. Its only May.

I leave for Africa in 4 days? Can that be right? So much to do. I started packing like 2 weeks ago which was a horrible idea. Procrastination is always the better choice. Do you hear that kids? I wish someone had told me when I was younger. Always procrastinate! I guess there have been times when I regretted putting off the ten page paper until the night before it was due. But then when I got a B on that paper I did not at all regret it. All that time that I saved! I could have worked on that paper for daaaaays. Starting to pack so early has just made these past weeks super depressing. I moved all of my chairs for some reason. Like moved them out of my house. No kitchen table and not a single chair anywhere left in the house. That means 3 weeks of eating dinner on the floor, or standing, or on my bed. Sarah has commandeered a good number of things from my walls. Glad they will be put to use while I am gone. But it seriously is super pathetic in my apartment right now.

Boxes going to my parents garage

Suitcases going to Uganda

Room that clearly needs help. Hopefully someone will sneak 
into this room and pack it overnight. (hint hint Sarah!).

- Kels

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