Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day photo dump

Happy Memorial Day! I celebrated with family while Sarah babysat for my good friend Jo. And apparently Sarah also met British Tom! He is basically a celebrity. I spent the day at my parents house which was beautifully decorate/also looked like America had thrown up on it.

Red, white and blue flowers

5 star flag. It's vintage. From when America had 5 states and 8 colonies.

Flag barf on our table

Let me just say that they did not come like this...

Yes that is the statue of liberty under the white and red dessert.

If this doesn't scream America I don't know what does. 
In one month I am going to miss this so much!!!

Delicious cupcakes I baked from the Magnolia Cupcake recipe.
Pre America vomit.

Post America vomit.
I like to call these Freedom Cakes!

I can only imagine that Sarah is cringing as she reads this. The American flag is not her thing. Nationalism isn't really my thing either at all... but I was born on flag day, the most important holiday of the year, so I am genetically programmed to love red, white, and blue.

Cousins! The baby is Will. William the 6th. My first cousin 
once removed. He is literally the happiest person in the world.

Outdoor fun


Yay for family fun. Also yay for Joanna and Sarah becoming friends. Its always nice when people from different areas of your life start hanging out. 

- Kels


  1. would also like to say I forgive you for not returning my pleas to babysit on this day...and actually thank you for making a friend who I have instantly love and will take over in your absence. Don't make it too long.

  2. hahaha, I support this : ) I agree, Kels--don't make it too long...