Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Kelsey: Alisha adventures

Alisha gets into all kinds of trouble in my room. Whats up with that?

Baby: Kelsey I found these tylenol pills on your floor and I can't get them open!

Baby: I have a feeling they are sugar coated and I would REALLY like to chew on them.

Baby: Maybe if I just twist this part and bang it on the floor a little...

Baby: Kelsey these are my saddest eyes! Puhlease open this lid. Stupid child locks.

In other news Alisha can stand up all by herself now! But she will only do it if someone is singing "This Time for Africa" by Shakira. Sing the song and she can stand for like ten minutes. Stop singing and she immediately falls down. 


  1. Haha! Children all over the world love that song!

  2. I just rewatched this video. It gives me chillllls!


  3. Sam says he likes the official world cup theme song better, and wonders if Alisha can stand to that.

  4. played the video for the boys
    ben: wouder, wouder
    translation: louder louder