Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Kelsey: Linkity links

Here are some of my favorite things on the web.

I found this blog called Eating Stuff Everywhere. Awesome name. This post about cockroaches in the pit latrine and wondering if you can die from fear has TOTALLY happened to me. Just a warning its a little gross. The rest of the blog is mostly about food which is awesome.

This is a blog I read about a family living in Haiti. This post about midwifery is great. I almost wrote the exact same one. Today at the hospital I accurately got 6 out of 8 positions correct! And one of them the head midwife couldn't even figure out. I wrote a little about the hospital and its frustrations in this post. 

My friend Rachel writes the blog Joyfully Weary. I totally relate to her post about Harry Potter.

I am pretty sure this blog written by Joanna is some kind of government kept secret. One time I found it and then I could not find it again for a month. I have to link to it here so I can get back to it again. Also she wrote this hilarious post about awkward conversation. 

Pioneer Woman's cooking section is like crack. If I had access to goat cheese (the greatest cheese) I would be making this recipe right now! I enjoy a runny egg. I also enjoy the disgusted looks on Ugandan's faces when I eat a runny egg. :)

Wouldn't it be nice if I could link to a bunch of photos that Sarah has taken? Sarah my favorite photographer... when will that be I wonder?


  1. "The thing is, midwives are kind of weird. Like a lot weird at times. I know there are midwives reading this. Sorry. We are all weird people, it is just that you are weirder.

    Midwives say things about vaginas the same way regular people discuss politics or talk about a new restaurant they tried or a movie they enjoyed."

    OMG. So funny. I am sitting on my couch giggling.

    LOVE Rachel's shoes in her post. So cute!

    And about that photography thing. Hopefully soon. I just have to gain my own confidence and start to work harder....

    Thanks for sharing your links!!!


  2. Maybe useful:

  3. Read the cockroach latrine post. All I can say is I love my toilet more than ever now!!! That poor girl.

  4. Hahaha Seriously! So thankful for toilets.

    - Kels