Friday, July 8, 2011

How to make Asian food in Uganda

I found soy sauce! I made three very important discoveries this week. I found soy sauce, canned jalapenos, and hershey chocolate syrup. They are all kind of expensive so I had to choose one. Soy sauce won. Mainly because I eat rice and beans every single day and soy sauce can add some variety. So in honor of soy sauce (which was made by a company called American Garden, weird) here is fried rice ugandan style.

Raw ingredients

Carrots and onions cut small

A few eggs and a few cloves of garlic
Normally I would use way more vegetables. I asked someone to bring back carrots from the market and they brought me one fourth of a carrot. I think next time I am going to add some Ugandan peas, not the same as American peas but I need veggies! Oh also not pictured is oil, cooked rice, and soy sauce.

Heat oil on your charcoal stove.
If you don't have a charcoal stove then I suppose a gas or electric would do.

Add onions and cook for a while
I have no amounts for cooking anything. So measurements might be vague. I also don't know what temp I am cooking at nor do I time anything. You just wing it here.

Scramble the eggs
Add eggs to the onions and oil, yours should not look
this dark. Our oil was recycled so it is dark in color.
Also our fire was too hot.

Add the garlic and scramble the eggs.
Recently it has come to my attention that some people in America do not own a garlic press (SARAH). This is tragic. A garlic press is indispensable. Go get one. I mean we even have one in Uganda. Come on.

Scramble, scramble, scramble

Scoop some cooked rice
Add rice

Add soy sauce! Yay soy sauce!
This meal has almost all of the same components that my regular meals have but it tastes so different! Every meal has onions, carrots, tomatoes, green peppers, eggs, rice and beans. I take huge pleasure in rearranging these to make other meals. Its like a puzzle. A puzzle of yumminess.

Fried rice a la Uganda.
- Kels


  1. love this. I see the training I gave you will come in handy. just remember: make believe recipies are better than the real thing. Just like cheerleaders.

  2. this looks delicious. Love that you bring creative ideas and experiments to your family! I think I would be too shy to ever suggest trying something different.

  3. i can already tell you didnt add enough garlic. haha