Sunday, July 10, 2011

Next she is going to juggle knives

Baby Alisha has many adventures. Her life is much more exciting than mine. I am going to start documenting her shenanigans. 

Alisha crawled into my room and found my matchbox collection. I don't know why but I have like 30 matchboxes and only 1 and a half candles.

Oh good matchbox open. At this point Denis walked in the room and looked at Alisha on the floor and then walked away. Like no big deal, baby playing with matches.

Am I in trouble? 

I swear she was getting ready to light a match. I was reassured that she does not have the skills. Which is probably true... but still I intervened. Mostly because I didn't want to clean up any more matches.


  1. seriously, do you know how much trouble *I* have striking a match sometimes? I am confident that Baby Alisha is not going to start any fires any time soon.

    P.S. your pictures always look so nice--sharp and bright. What kind of camera are you using? This isn't your iphone camera, is it? If so, I am throwing away my 4 year old canon powershoot with a blurry spot on the lens and just getting a smartphone....

  2. Also, did baby Alisha get extensions since your last family post?

  3. Hahaha baby Alisha did get extensions. They are yarn and she kind of looks like a doll.

    This is my camera. I really like it. Its tiny but it still has a viewfinder so I dont always have to use the display.I like that I can just slip it in my pocket, its like cell phone sized.

    - Kels

  4. But I would really miss your pictures with the blurry spot in the middle. :)

  5. This is a multi talented baby, huh? She can light matches and pee on you. You are really a good influence, Kels! I think the peeing post was my favorite of all time. I wish I was smarter and could post it to FB. A lot of my friends would appreciate it. I have to say that I can appreciate that baby pee is not as gross as adult pee. Not sure how I can justify that, but I do. She is a cute baby...I can't wait til you have one of your own!!!!! NO PRESSURE! Love and miss you, sister!