Monday, June 27, 2011


This past week was one of those unexpectedly busy weeks. It was a really good week, but much busier than I anticipated.

I mentioned last week that I hosted my sister's baby shower last Sunday.

Monday I had training with Gap.

Tuesday my sister (Tiff) and brother-in-law (Davey) stayed with my husband and I in our apartment. Last weekend was the first time that I've seen my sister since my wedding last August. So it was the first time that they have seen us in our own space and married. It was the first time, for me, to see my big sister pregnant (she looks so beautiful) and in the role of a mother. There are so many new changes, but they are so good. Our husbands hung out and talked music while she and I went out shopping. She was looking for stuff for the baby and a couple of other really specific things. It was nice to have some alone, sister time in the midst of their busy stay in Elgin. It was great to just sit with my husband and talk with my sister and her husband. And it was amazing to feel the little baby moving! They left on Wednesday.

I forget what happened Wednesday.

Thursday I hung out with my friend Rebeca and another friend, Casie, came in from out of town. Casie studied abroad with Kelsey in Uganda, so that's how I know her. I have made so many connections through Kels. Seriously! Casie, Joanna, Kels' family, the list goes on and on. It's interesting to think that if I never knew Kels (or knew her well), I most likely would not have these people in my life. I digress. Casie stopped at my apartment on her way home from her road trip. She taught me how to make homemade notebooks, we watched a movie or something, and we talked about life. It was nice. She left on Thursday.

Friday Frank and I went to a friend's birthday party in Wheaton. We met some really interesting people and had some great conversation. At this party, we were also given swing dancing lessons. Super cool. Then later Friday evening, my friend Margaret arrived from St. Louis for a weekend visit. Visiting with Marge is always lovely, and this time was no exception. We talked, cooked, ate, crafted, napped, and laughed. I love the name Margaret. It's classic and lovely and it's not lacking in the nickname department. I call her Marge, Margot, Maggie, Mags. A name that naturally provides a plethora of other name options is awesome. Way to go Greg and Joanie (her parrents). This visit might be the last time I see her for a while, because next semester she is studying in New York City. I want to go visit her in autumn. Can you imagine New York City in the fall? Mmm, I want. Maggie stayed until Sunday.

While this week was indeed busy, it was also full of friends, laughter, and joy. It was so nice to have so many people I love in my home. If you ever find yourself in the Chicago area and you need a place to stay, mi casa es su casa. Seriously. For realz.


Oh yeah. By the way Kels, keep an eye out for a package coming your way. I mailed out a lil' somethin' somethin' for ya.

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