Saturday, June 25, 2011

The things I carried

This post is in reference to the Poisonwood Bible. The first time I came to Uganda I had to read that book as an assignment before the semester began. It is about the Price family who are missionaries in 1959 in Belgian Congo. There is a chapter early in the book called "The things we carried" about all of the things they packed and how they carried them. I believe they wore all of their clothes on the plane including some of their belongings tied around their necks. When they arrive some of the things they carried are useful and some are ridiculous.

When I got to Uganda for the first time I remember getting to my host home and finding out we had no power. I remember seeing light switches but looking up and seeing no light bulbs. As I unpacked it got darker in the house and I remember unpacking all of my electronics onto the bed. I had two phones, a camera, a computer, a plug in flashlight, an ipod, and a battery charger. I could use none of it at my home. I thought about the Poinsonwood Bible and the things I carried and how ridiculous the situation was.

This is my fourth time to Africa so I carry slightly different things than I did at first. I think in some ways I have become much less practical. For instance I forgot to carry any shoes that are not sandals. I have nothing to walk in when it rains and becomes muddy. I also only brought one flashlight. That is just dumb. Here are some of the things I did remember to carry, practical and not so practical.


My Camelbak waterbottle with a built in filter!
Sunglasses from Free People. Sunglasses are essential for
boda boda rides. Also they are cool.
The few books that I have brought. Books are
Just one pair of the multiple non practical shoes
I brought.
A jewelry box. There is really no need for this. It is almost
empty. But look how pretty!
These tins are from Ikea and they are hella useful. Keeps out
bugs and looks pretty. Gotta find more of these.
My tins are filled with spices, drink mixes, and condiments.
These are probably the most useful things I carried.
A ring from my dad. I am obsessed with this. Its the perfect
My perfect perfume. Just because I am in Africa
doesn't mean I can't smell good. I have never
had a perfume that I love so much.

This K hangs on my wall. I love 3d wall decor.
Flat things are lame.

Paper source calender that I fell in love with when I saw it on
Joanna's wall. If I could go shopping in one person's house it
would be Joanna's.


  1. A few pretty things while traveling are very necessary whether or not they are practical. Doesn't this sound like a 'famous person quote'? Its in reference to the jewelry box. Famous or not its true!

  2. I agree!

    I also brought my comfy down pillow but it got wet and then moldy and i have no dryer so I can't get it to dry without mildew. Its a problem.

    - Kels

  3. Are there laundry matts? That SUCKS.


  4. my store is always open to you kels! <3