Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Today was a good day. I hung out with Erin and went swimming for the first time this summer. I initially headed to Palatine (where Kels' parents live and where Erin lives) so that Erin and I could go swimming in her apartment complex's pool. Unfortunately, her pool was closed for cleaning. So we went over to the neighboring apartment complex's pool so that someone would let us in, but no one would let us in! We made eye contact with one woman in particular and I tried to mime with my hands that we forgot our key. She didn't care. She looked away. Erin and I walked like 15 minutes to this pool, we were sweating and this woman wouldn't let us in to the pool. Lame. Then I remembered that there is a community pool in Kelsey's parents' neighborhood. Erin and I got in my car, and headed over to Kelsey's parents' house. On the way we planned all the fun ways we could prank the woman who wouldn't let us in. I'm pretty sure there were water balloons and jello involved. We got to the community pool and literally walked right in. Afterwards, we stopped in to say hi to Kelsey's parents, but only Scotty (her little bro) was home. So, Hi Sally and Todd! I was at your house today! 

It was a lovely day filled with conversation, sunshine, pools, and running stop signs (oops).

Take a gander at my recent cravings. Some women crave french fries, others crave chocolate. I crave clothes and art. If you feel the Spirit moving you to buy me one of the following items (or all of them--who am I to draw limitations on the Holy Spirit?), I promise, I will not complain.

1). Kickass skirt: Isn't it awesome? I love the colors and the fabric seems thin and comfortable.
2). Braided Hair Print: I love prints. Does anyone know how to screen print? Will you teach me?
3). Pearl Ring: I like simplicity and I like pearls. This is a good combination of both.
4). Bird skirt: I like the contrast of the burnt orange and the blue birds.
5). Scarf: Versatile and lovely. I want to wear this with everything.
6). Awesome Coffee Cup: I just recently discovered that I like tea. What a better way to celebrate that than to buy a new mug to hold the tea?
7). Cool Dress: I love the pattern, airiness, and cowl neck. Love.
8). Grey Skirt: I guess I have a thing for skirts? I like this one a lot.
9). Owl with Glasses: In 3rd grade we did a project where we had to look through owl pellets to figure out their diet. It was gross, but I've liked owls since then.
10). JUST KIDDING: This is a classic example of what NOT to buy. No one should ever, EVER buy these. Who thought sequin, skin-tight, short shorts would be a good idea? Let me tell you this: It is not a good idea. DO. NOT. BUY. THESE. SHORTS.
11). St Augustine Quote: I love this quote and the background. I want this on my wall.



  1. Oh my gosh I am not even allowed to swim at that pool! I used to lifegaurd there and I would get in SO much trouble for letting in outsiders.

    Also the gold shorts are hilarious. I was like are those underwear? costume party?

    - Kels

  2. So I saw your car outside my house and thought "that looks like Sarah's car". I even went to the front door to see if you were coming up the walk. You weren't so I decided it belonged to somebody visiting the neighbors. I had to run an errand and when I pulled out of the driveway and saw your car again I thought..."that really looks like Sarah's car. Is she in my house and I didn't see her?" I decided you weren't because the doors were locked and so you couldn't have just walked in (which you can do) and that you would've said hello anyway. So it was kinda funny when I got home and Scott said "Sarah stopped by". Sorry I missed you.

  3. So every once in a while I'll check in here and read both of your posts... which I am actually really enjoying btw! (I know kelsey from elementary school)

    Anyway... this made me think of you Sarah- even though I don't know you! lol It seems like something you would like! haha I think they are so neat!

  4. #1. Don't love the skirt. But glad you do. For some reason I can't get into the "smeary" look. Reminds me of will come to me.

    The rest is fun. My sisinlaw can screen print. You should be friends. Friends that live very far away from one another.

  5. Ok, for all of you, I JUST saw all of these comments...2 weeks later.

    Kels-I know, those shorts are RIDICULOUS. I hate them. No one should EVER buy them.

    Sally-I was with Erin and I was like, "I want to stop in to say hey to Kels' parents." And I wanted to blog about our adventure, but I knew that if you saw that I had gone swimming in your neighborhood and not stopped in, you would have been sad. lol.

    Heather-Even though I don't know you, I'm so glad you read our blog! And those rings are AWESOME.

    Joanna-It's ok that you don't like the skirt. I'll survive. Your sisinlaw, Sarah in the UK? I'll move to the UK so she can teach me : ) I'll move to the UK for any semi-legitimate reason at all, actually...