Friday, December 23, 2011

Kelsey: Wedding Help

I have literally planned nothing weddingish. And I intend to put that off for as long as I can because planning sucks! I hate to plan anything! Even a wedding! I thought maybe I would get engaged and then I would suddenly love to plan a wedding. Stupid. I don't. I can't wait to marry Denis. I could skip the wedding part... unless someone else will plan it. Eh Sarah?

What I don't understand is this, because I was born with a uterus I should posses the skills to plan an event for hundreds of people? What? I do not. I posses the skills to bear children, event planning is not included in that package. (Our wedding will not have hundreds of people, but I'm just saying).

I do possess the skills to decorate.

So I am focusing on that part.

And I could use help.

I went to Sephora the other day (cards on the table I have been to like Sephora 3 times in the past month). They have these beautiful giant white and gold paper flowers in their windows for Christmas.

So pretty right? So after Christmas they give some to employees who want them and the rest they throw away! And I want them! But I will be gone for the whole week after Christmas which is when they say they are taking them down. Plus I am guessing I would need to get some from like 12 Sephora stores. So if you live near Sephora and will be around on the 26th would you collect some paper flowers for me?

Email me if you score flowers!

Thanks friends!


  1. Ha! You are the second person I have heard of who wants these paper flowers from Sephora, presumably for a wedding. She asked at a store in San Francisco, and was told that (even after the season) they are not allowed to give them to customers. Game on!

  2. OK, so, here is the dillyo from Ann Arbor. I went to my local Sephora, and they did not have these flowers (though they had pictures of them all over the walls). They did have, however, some tall, white, pointy/scroll-y looking things that are clearly from the same set/designer as the flowers. So I asked a manager about them. She informed me that the pretty scroll-y looking "animations" (what?) are extremely popular and have already been claimed by "cast members" (what?) but that the other, "bottle-shaped" ones were unclaimed. They have my name and number and are going to call me when they are done with the decorations and I'll take whatever was unclaimed. Which in the end might look like a bunch of paper chess pieces. But if you manage to get flowers elsewhere, they should at least complement them.....?

  3. also, hint, maybe this is a sign that you should do a chess-themed wedding.

  4. I'm pretty sure I can make these if all else fails....