Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sarah: Week in Instagram

a section of our dresser
Frock You vintage store
vintage earrings
mad men
salsa chicken & black bean soup
husband hard at work
i love me some mindy kaling

Life is really good. Yesterday, I heard a great message on judgment at church that was challenging and refreshing. I hate cooking, but I've been doing it a lot more lately--which is a big change for me. Let me clarify: I've been dumping things in my crockpot, leaving it for 5-8 hours, and then I marvel at the delicious food that comes out. I got a new moleskine journal--which makes me very happy. I love moleskines. Francis and I went out to a bar on Thursday night with a couple of people and it was super fun. Like I said, life is good.


  1. i remember the cover of that record on your dresser :)

  2. Are you wearing my scarf in that photo?

    We need to talk about the book. Have you read it yet? Its on my kindle account!

    - Kels

  3. Molly-Yes! I love that record cover.

    Joanna-I agree whole heartedly.

    Kels-Yes. Somehow I have it and discovered it during the move. I haven't actually read it yet. As in, I didn't buy it. I just took a picture with it in the bookstore. Wait. I just read the last part of your comment. I'm totally reading it tonight!!


  4. Sarah.....first off how was the amazing looking thrift store and did you get anything??? Secondly I looked into that book by Mindy and am in buying for my bff for Christmas and think every girl should read it.........also I am not such a great cook....I started out here in KY ok but I'm in a slump....I mean this the first time in my whole life I've had to cook anything....I'm pathetic....can you please send me some crockpot crockpot is still in the box....

  5. Earrings. I want.

    Heaven will have lots of beautiful earrings.

  6. Carrie-I did not get anything. THe vote things were too expensive & the cheap things didn't fit right....check out this ( website. The woman who writes that blog used her crockpot for every meal 24/7/365. She is the QUEEN of crockpot recipes. That's where I get mine : )

    Preeti-hahahaha, I AGREE!! earrings are my accessory of choice : )