Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Sarah: Christmas Wish List

I haven't made one of these suckers in a while and I've been asked by relatives what I want for Christmas, so here is my holiday wish list! Feel free to buy me any and all of the items on the list!

You should know though, there were a lot more clothes on here, but I went and sifted through to get the top picks.

1. Francis & I are getting iPhone's for Christmas (yay!)--but I'm huge klutz. I drop my phone weekly. I don't really care now, because my phone is crap. But when I get that iPhone, it's going to need some protection. And this my protection of choice.
2. I love the way this raw & natural diamond ring looks so rough & organic, yet completely feminine.
3. Such a cute & classic bag (that can, in the future, double as a diaper bag).
4. What a lovely, chic, printed blouse. I need more staples like this one in my closet.
5. I saw this movie a couple of months ago & it was so So SO good. I can only imagine how the novel originally set out the plot. I want to read it so badly.
6. Do you have eyes? Can you see these shoes? If you answered "yes" to both of those questions, then you understand why I want these.
7. I have become a sucker for peter pan collars & sparkly things. I don't know when it happened, but those preferences force me to like this sweater.
8. I love maps. I love typography. I love this map. I want it on my wall.
9. This coat makes me swoon. It's so simple & so lovely.
10. Oh my word. Pretty.
11. These sheets would coordinate with my bed sheet perfectly. And I like orange.
12. I have wanted these boots for over a year. One day...
13. A simple wishbone necklace. Something to wear everyday with anything & everything.

What do you want for Christmas?


  1. Ca you remind me what application you're using to make these wishlists? The end result is such a neat snapshot of your personality and interests. and omg that coat.

  2. I make them using photoshop. I wish there was an easier process--I might make more of them. But it takes a while....and I know!! That coat....there are few words.


  3. oooooh, maybe there is!