Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Kelsey: Restaurant Reviews Kampala

The tourist information about Uganda available on the web is sort of lacking. Uganda is a huge place for European tourists. Tons of people come here for safaris, sight seeing, and adventure tourism (bungee jumping, white water rafting and such). There is one guide book written about Uganda, its fine. I think it is bland. I like reading people's blog posts about places they have visited. They are much more exciting and usually more helpful.

So this is my incredibly selfless gesture for all the many Uganda tourists reading this blog. Some restaurant reviews.

I <3 New York Pizza Kitchen

That is literally the name of this wonderful hidden gem. This is the perfect restaurant for the long time traveller in Uganda. The person who has been on an adventure in the village and who has eaten more matoke than any one person should. This traveler wants a taste of home! And in my opinion this is the closest you can get.

This place is inside the parking garage of the Garden City shopping mall.

It is like semi classy New York City diner. And the fact that it is in the parking garage kind of adds to the New Yorkness of it. Obviously the most amazing thing about this place is that they have cupcakes. Cupcakes.

They are kind of mediocre. But they are 100 times better than a stale crumbly Ugandan cake. Which is basically your only other option. They are mostly just very pretty to look at. That is good enough for me!

These are the bagel chips and dip that they bring for free while you wait for your food. This automatically makes this my perfect place in Kampala. They make bagels! I know how not exciting a bagel sounds to everyone in America. But it is a big deal here.

I ordered a bagel BLT which came with delicious coleslaw.

Sandwich stealer.

Sar and Frank like it too.

The funniest thing about eating in any restaurant in Uganda is the 100% lack of customer service. The waiter will act like you are a huge burden to them and they are very annoyed that you chose to come to their restaurant today. Shop owners do that too. They will move extremely slow and sort of roll their eyes like, why are you here? It cracks me up.

This place had a really creepy waiter who would linger at the table. He asked a few questions and then started pointing to his ring finger and he was like, eh? eh?

But other than him it is a great place. I recommend the pizza, the red velvet pancakes, and the bagels! If this place weren't 3 hours away I am sure we would eat there often.


  1. But they actually have pizza?

  2. Yep. It is decent. I mean horrible for American pizza but great for Ugandan pizza.

    - Kels

  3. oh right. Obviously I now see that above you recommended the pizza. I was just looking for pictures of it and didn't see any.

  4. Nice review on this venue Kels, nailed it on the head especially on the customer service. There's few places you'll go to around Kampala and get up to par customer service. Good thing tips are not mandatory.

    I found this blog Googling around for bagels in Kampala and the funny bit is I'm Ugandan born and bred.
    New York Kitchen is brilliant for shakes. I'll give them 4.5/5 stars there. And their velvet cake is good too.
    For good pizza I recommend Nando's along Kampala road or Dominos Pizza just next door to Nando's. (I really hope it's still good). For burgers, Dominoes is the go-to place.

    Enough ranting from me, hope you come by again :-)