Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sarah: Boat Series

When Frank and I went to visit Kels in Jinja, we were super touristy. We got up before the sun to make it to Jinja early enough to fit it all in. We arrived at the source of the Nile before anyone else. As in, we were the first ones there. It was nice to be able to walk around without a bunch of annoying tourists around. We didn't take a boat ride because they wanted to charge us WAY too much to do it. Oh, you should also know that going to the source is a t o t a l ripoff. Do you know how much they charged Francis (a Ugandan) to get in? 2000 shillings. Would you like to know how much they charged me (the foreigner, aka the white girl)? 10,000 shillings. It was literally 5 times for me to get in than Francis. We tried to argue that I am Ugandan by marriage, but the guy was not buying it.

We missed breakfast because we got up so early, so we stopped the Garden Hotel to grab a bite to eat.
It was awful. First of all, the food was not good. Secondly, it was too expensive for the product being served. Thirdly (is thirdly a word?), the menu spelled maybe 4 words right. Sauce was spelled "souce". You can tell a lot about a restaurant by their menu.

After that we met up with Kels, went to Bujagali Falls (which is beautiful - if you ever visit Kels, make her take you there), had lunch at the Black Lantern, went swimming, I met Deno's family, and then we had fanta and went home. It was a loooong, but super fun day. It was great to see where Kels is living and to finally meet all of the people she blogs about. I told her she needs to do a more detailed tour blog post of the house/area where she's living. It's not anything like I thought it was!

Here is a photo series of boats that were just sitting in the water at the source of the Nile:

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  1. FInally some Sarah photography for me to stare at and drool over. I have been waiting a long time. :)

    - Kels