Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Kelsey: Random

- The power outages have been crazy whacked out of control lately. Like 30 hours long. We got it back this morning and I am bingeing on electricity by watching a movie on one laptop and surfing on the other laptop. Denis is celebrating by watching Arsenal finally win! The thing about power cuts is they are normal but yet not scheduled. Like they have no pattern. I feel like a rat in some evil experiment and people are trying to test my reaction to intermittent rewards (electricity). It makes me edgy and leaves me in a state of constantly charging all of my electronics.

- The crazy witch who owns the property next door has gotten even crazier. Her tenants moved out in the middle of the night... strange. And the new people who moved in found a human skull and teeth hanging in a room that was previously unrented. Instead of calling the police (uh hello) they called the landlady and she came and picked up her human skull with extra teeth. This is not how we do things where I am from.

- I have been having bad headaches and wondered if I had malaria so I popped out the the pharmacy and got some malaria testing kits. I don't know why this is the first time I have done this. It is genius. They are finger prick kits and cost $2 each. They even come with an alcohol swab! Shocking. I don't have malaria. Hooray! But I will be packing these test kits and bring them home with me when I leave Uganda. Last time I left I brought malaria home with me and an idiot American doctor almost killed me. Not really. But he was an idiot and other people with malaria who were under his care have died. He told me that within the first 3 minutes of our meeting. Him having neglected me the first 24 hours I was in the hospital. When no one would even give me tylenol for my painful malaria headache.

Woah I still have some pent up anger about that one. Anyway test kits = amazing. No one in Uganda will ever tell you that you do not have malaria. I tell acquaintances all the time that they do not have malaria, because seriously they dont. But then at the hospital I literally treat every single pregnant woman for malaria at some point in her pregnancy. Oh you have a little bit of a headache? Have some pills woman. Doctors do not test people because it is cheaper to just treat them. That is sad to me. And I feel like it has created a culture where people constantly assume they have malaria and are very frequently taking pills for something they do not have.

Becky found this blog by an American in India. Shockingly similar to Uganda. Loved this post about when you think you have malaria. 

- I spent about an hour online trying to figure out how to get Cheetos delivered to me in Africa. There is no such thing as cheese in Uganda, but I dont understand why we can't at least have fake cheese! Ok so we can't have fresh delicious mozzarella. Why can't we have Cheetos? One of the greatest injustices of Africa.


  1. Hilary in Mumbai also inspired me to dig out my jersey blazer!

  2. Also, with so many cows, why no cheese?

  3. Please don't get Malaria again, please! Like you have control over it, I know. I do suppose that if you get it there, it would be easier to treat than here. Thank you for testing for it! :) Miss you!!!

  4. okay. subtle hint well taken. send cheetos. running to the post. you will have them by christmas. xx

  5. I know right! Why no cheese? I have no idea.

    Jo you rock. Why do I crave cheetos? Its kind of sad.

    - Kelsey

  6. "This is not how we do things where I am from."



  7. No skulls with extra teeth, just skeletons in the closets. :-)