Friday, August 12, 2011

Sarah: Visual List

I've been thinking a lot lately about these little visual lists that I throw together and how they might be sending the wrong message. I try (really hard) not to be a materialistic, consumer-driven, get-the-next-best-thing type of person. I attempt (poorly, I admit) to be frugal with my income. I try not to buy things I don't need and I don't want to place all of my value in the stuff that I have or clothes that I wear. I think it has become the nature of Americans to judge people based on what they have and not their character. And I by no means want to promote that kind of mindset by sharing these lists. However, I do enjoy window shopping and whenever I see something I like, I slide the photo right on over to desktop so that I can share it with you lovelies. But it doesn't mean that I'm running out to purchase these things, I just like to day dream about them AND they give me direction when I go to thrift stores. For example: I could probably find number two on this current list at a thrift store pretty easily (and cheaply!!), but now I have an idea of what I would like instead of wandering aimlessly through the store.

You might be asking yourself, "Where is this ranting disclaimer coming from?" Well, dear readers it's coming from the conviction I felt when I read this article. You should read it too. I hope it will change your understanding of the fashion world and help you realize your own motivations for shopping. 

Ok, with all that are some things that have caught my eyes as I have perused the world wide web lately:

One: This dress is really similar to the other maxi dress (number 8) I showed you last time. I just really like the colors of the dress, and I think I like it more as a shorter dress than a maxi. What do you think?

Two: Since I saw this dress in the anthro catalogue, I have loved it. It seems so effortless and comfortable while still allowing the wearer to look good.

Three: Mmm. This little romper is too cute!

Four: I don't know about you, but I don't necessarily like lemonade. I like this saying better. 

Five: Did you know that hippos are my favorite animal? They have been since I was little. I think this would be a cute little planter to rest on a windowsill.

Six: I like stripes. I like tshirts. I like drapey necklines. This shirt indulges all of those preferences.

Seven: I'm not sure why I like this dress, because it isn't really my taste. But I do like it. I like the scalloped chest, I like the color, and I like its versatility.

Eight: Hahaha. This poster just makes me laugh. Just think about what the poster is really saying. Funny stuff.

Nine: Well hello, perfect autumn shirt! So lovely to meet your acquaintance. 

Ten: Even though this print kind of freaks me out, I still really like it for some reason...I think it would be nice for a baby/child's room.

Eleven: So small. So delicate. So geometric. I like.

Twelve: Embrace messy hair, apartment, dishes, job, children, life. You name it, you got it.

Do you like having a space in-between each line or not? I feel like it's too cluttered if each line of the list isn't spaced, but spacing each one makes the post super long. What do you prefer??


  1. Obsessed with twleve and six.

    Also I loved the paragraph you wrote at the beginning. The disclaimer. :)

    I think this is a really smart way of window shopping. I love "favoriting" things on etsy and only buying a couple times a year.

    - Kels

  2. Kels-I thought you'd particularly like those two!! They made me think of you when I saw them : )