Thursday, August 25, 2011

Sarah: On the Cool List

For a while, I have had a dream. And that dream has finally come to fruition. I now have instagram (which also implies that I have an iphone). I have been a fan of instagram ever since I learned of it. Every time I was around Kels, I would always sneakily (that's a lie. I'm not a very sneaky person.) slide my hand into her pocket or purse to grab her phone, so that I could take pictures. I know that Kels just shared some of her instagrams yesterday, so I hope you guys aren't sick of them...because there are going to be lots more pretty soon! Here are some that I've taken so far:

My Plants by the window - it's a jungle
the view from our balcony
a sunny Sunday afternoon
the rug in our bathroom-pretty colors
i love drinking out of mason jars!
You can stand under my umb-er-ella
ella ella
lunch time
my anniversary gift to frank: an authentic manchester united
soccer jersey with his name on it. 
Our closet is OOC (out of control)
Not to be confused with OCD.
Frank and I finally feel like we're moving up in the world. I mean, getting an iphone is the epitome of adulthood in my book. Isn't it in yours? Who's in charge of the "cool list"? 'Cause we better be on it. F'sho.

p.s. Do you want to know something a w e s o m e? In the pursuit to make my instagram dreams come true, we got our iphone for FREE. That's right. free. Many thanks to the random IT guy at Judson : )

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  1. Blogger hates me today. I have tried to post many a comment.

    I love that you have instagram.

    Also I am in charge of the cool list... and you are on it.

    - kels