Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Kelsey: A week in Instagram

Oh the randomness of phone pics. How I love thee.

Hanging on the porch. This neighborhood kid calls me Kass in an attempt to say Kels. Sometimes she forgets to say the K. I think she might have all the neighborhood kids thinking my name is Ass.

I want to take this baby goat home and snuggle it. People here frown on that. It would have to be a secret snuggle.

Watching Deno play soccer. I frequently get distracted by the beautiful hills surrounding the pitch. Sometimes (all the time) I miss important plays and then later pretend I saw the whole thing.

Testing at the hospital. Sneakily taking phone pics. Must take some pics at work so people think I do actual work. Must keep up appearances.

My mother sent this card and said is reminded her of me. It is VERY me when I was 12. I love that to your parents you are not just you at your current age but you are you at every age. I think my mom picks the age she likes best and sticks with it. I was a great twelve year old. Things went downhill in the teen years. Sorry mom and dad. When Gladys saw the card she picked it up and said, "my pussycat!" in a loud whisper and then walked away with it.

Grace rolling chapatti. My manna. My lifeblood. The only food I could eat for the rest of my life. Lord you can make this fall from the sky anytime. I will leave a plate on the porch tonight.

Ok I understand bricking up the door so people can't hang out in your empty house. But whats with the giant unbricked windows? I mean I want to climb in just to prove a point.

Planting sweet potatoes in mounds.

Bags of grain. I feel so sneaky taking pictures at the market. I look at my phone then snap the pic and then put the phone to my ear and say hello? are you there? I am having bad reception I am not sneaking pictures of your produce. I would never.

Apples are tiny and freakishly expensive. I lurv them. I also love that I can read books on my ipad. I read the Hunger Games, very entertaining, and then wanted the next book in the series and bam 10 minutes later I had it. This is more impressive if you know that I am at least 2.5 hours away from a bookstore. 2.5 hours on a sweaty bus with chickens and children peeing on me. Seriously a child peed on both me and Deno last time we were on the bus.

He sinks like a rock but gosh he looks good on the side of the pool.

Oh the tough life we lead here in Jinja, the vacation capital of East Africa. After this picture was taken we suffered through some delicious Indian food and then endured hours of floating and splashing under the palm trees and the warm sun.

Do I live in Paradise? Yes yes I do. You should join me.


  1. OK, I'll join you. See you on Sunday : )


  2. I LOVE the picture of Deno by the side of the pool. Cool colors and composition!


  3. Hunger Games ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I am on the third book now. I can't stop reading!


  5. better to take pictures of the grain than to plunge your hand in it, Amelie-style. amirite?