Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Kelsey: A week in Instagram

I love phone pictures because they are so random. Also the filters that instagram puts on pics makes them all fuzzy and pretty. I feel like I am back in high school when I used to forget to wear my glasses. The world looked so much better fuzzy.

Mixing up the batter for funnel cakes!

Woah these are like larger than life. Eggs should not be seen this large.

They have this fried dough stuff here called mandazi. It is like a funnel cake except all in one ball and fried for a long time. It is literally as heavy as a baseball and almost as hard. You can use the same mix to make funnel cake which is fluffy and yum.

This freaky twisty stump lives very near my house. It usually has clothes drying on it or a soccer ball resting on it. A useful stump.

I peeped into a church window when I saw these adorable flag banners. I disrupted multiple people praying in the middle of the afternoon.

Dorcus and I hiked up a hill near our house. The hike lasted like 7 minutes but we could see our whole village.

Tree on top of the hill. Dorcus forbade me from climbing on it. She has an awful lot of power for someone so small. And like 14 years younger than me...

These kids followed a little ways behind us for our whole walk.

As we walk Dorcus narrates Africa for me. If birds fly overhead she explains, "Those are birds." Ooooh I have been wondering. She explained this was a big pit. Also I should do my best to not fall into it. Must write that down. Do not fall in pit.

This looks so Africa to me. Its strange how these houses are in the same neighborhood as fancy brick homes with their ovens and their new fangled washing machines.

I will always love paper beads. The kids have caught bead fever and want to start making jewelry for themselves. :)

We basically live on our front porch. I never ever again want to live in a place where you have to spend 8 months of the year indoors. I wish I could have Uganda weather for 11 months with Chicago weather in December only. That is the dream.


  1. Love these, especially the stump and the panoramic views. Also your funnel cake looks super professional and delicious.

  2. Kels-I love the picture of Dorcus. That girl is PRETTY. I also like the one of the houses through the trees (it looks so stereotypical Africa).