Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Kelsey: Just so random

Bullet points!

- I am hearing some fun rumors about America. The kids come home from school with questions and gossip about america from their friends. Grace told me there is some new disease sweeping the nation that causes Americans to start dancing uncontrollably and they can't stop and then they go mad. I was curious if the person doesn't go mad first and then dance uncontrollably? Nope. Also did you know that in America you can take any car you want? For example if you drive to the grocery store in one car when you come out you can just jump in any car parked and take that one to your next destination and so on and so forth. What a great system we Americans have worked out.

Cow right outside my bedroom.
- I have become completely obsessed with cows. They are so beautiful. The cows from the neighborhood graze twice a day in the field next to our house. Sometimes they wander across the path and up our yard and graze right outside my bedroom. I love the methodical sound of grass ripping and cow teeth munching.

- Two nights ago the kids heard a baby goat crying in the field and went to rescue it before dogs got to it. Apparently once in a while people accidentally leave their animals tied up in the field and the dogs that come at night have eaten some of them. We went to untie the goat and we planned to keep it in our house till morning but the goat pulled on its rope and led us 5 blocks away to its home. Genius. I am now more convinced than ever that I NEED a baby goat.

- Last night we found two young kids wandering around our neighborhood at 11 pm lost and very upset. They had taken a bus from the village and were supposed to find their mother in our market but this was their first time to come to this area and they got lost. They didn't speak any of the common languages of Uganda and it took a while before we found a language we had in common (by 'we' I mean Denis). They spoke in broken swahilli and he tried to figure out where their mom lives. I scoured the house for candy. I may not be able to help you find your home but at least I can give you a good sugar high. I fed them cotton candy and kool aid. They slept here for the night and we found their home this morning.

cow lovin
- Uganda owes the power companies a buttload of money. Apparently the government subsidizes the (still very high) price of electricity. They owe money for these subsidies and so two power generators have been temporarily shut down. This means load shedding! Sometimes it is twelve hours of electricity on then twelve hours off. For about a week it was on only 2 or 3 hours a day. This should not have a huge effect on me, have I mentioned that our solar power has been broken for the past two months? But I charge all of my things at neighbors houses. So my computer now lives with the neighbors just waiting for power to come back on. I think it misses me. We cherish the few hours we get be together.

- I am turning into a country bumpkin. Tall buildings amaze me. I want to ride escalators for fun. The other day a chicken ate out of my bowl. I am sitting on the porch eating my lunch and I look away distracted and a chicken eats out of my bowl. I found a cockroach in a bag of chocolate chips and I did not throw the bag away. I might have eaten more chocolate chips. Chocolate covered bacon seems exotic and fancy. I am starting to suspect I spend too much time with cows and goats. I become emotionally attached to farm animals but I also have no problem at all slicing a chickens neck. That is soon to come on 'how to friday'. :)


  1. With all this love you have for cows, are you going to stop eating them?

  2. I was going to ask if you had access to milk, and then realized that was kind of a ridiculous question.