Sunday, July 24, 2011

The word list has lost all meaning

I have a theory that all women like lists. Its either that or the ones who don't are keeping silent because the list likers are so aggressive. I love lists. I think most people enjoy the satisfaction and the feeling of accomplishment they get when they cross something off their list. For me the standards are a bit lower. I feel accomplished and satisfied just at the mere action of writing something down on a list. I make multiple lists a week that I then immediately forget about. I think I can up my satisfaction level if I share these lists here, also maybe that will increase their likelihood of getting accomplished. And by that I mean maybe someone else will see the items on my list and accomplish them for me. Honestly I would get much more satisfaction out of doing it that way...

Denis headed to Kampala this weekend. I tried to wiggle my way into the trip but was shot down. I even got all dressed and he was all um where are you heading to? Rude. But I really only wanted to go so that I could visit a big fancy supermarket full of imported food. So I made a list.

Things I want from Kampala

- Chex! (I am dying to make homemade chex mix)
- Tortillas, corn or flour
- Tortilla chips
- Hummus
- Cheetos. I know that is kind of gross but they are cheesy!!!
- Boursin cheese. (I love this french cheese and heard a rumor you can get it in Kla)
- Brie cheese (also heard a rumor that there is decent brie to be found)
- Jalapenos (If I dont eat some salsa soon I will die, not exaggerating.)
- Zucchini, the best of all veggies.
- Apricot jam, to go with the brie
- Cream cheese
- Fancy crackers, must have fancy crackers to go with fancy cheese!
- Granola (This is a pipe dream but I can hope)

Things Denis brought home

- Inedible Brie. Was immediately thrown away, far away.
- Totally edible and yummier than remembered Boursin cheese! This was ten dollars and was consumed within 3 minutes of arrival. So worth it.
- Zucchini. This is waiting for me to cook it for dinner tonight! Yum!
- Apricot jam. Does not taste like I remember, tastes very weird.
- An order of Tortilla wrapped chicken with chips (fries).  Also the tortilla was a chapatti. So close...
- A wooden gazelle named Moses.

Although I basically would have fainted if he had found tortilla chips and jalapenos, I did appreciate the creativity shown with the list. I also appreciated the heck out of that ten dollar cheese!

Feel free to share a list.

- Kels


  1. I also love lists that I never look at again. I just posted with so many lists, I bulletted instead so it would look so "list-y"! I am working on your box...cheetos...check.

  2. (also funny, I thought it was Sarah and I was thinking, "where is this grocery store???")